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5 symptoms of a weak immune system and how to fix it

The immune system of your body protects you from any foreign substances that try to enter your body, for example germs, bacteria, viruses etc. This system is made up of two main parts: the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. These two parts work together to protect your body from diseases, fever etc.

organs of a immune system

So, the presence of a strong immune system in the body is highly essential. When this system is not functioning properly, it cannot win an attack against an invader and thus, an infection develops. Sometimes, the system launches an attack without the presence of an invader or it doesn’t stop its attack even after the invader has been killed. This results in autoimmune diseases and allergic reactions.

Five symptoms of a weak immune system

A weakened immune system usually gives off some signs that let you know about your condition.

  • Cold hands

If the blood vessels in the body are inflamed, it restricts blood flow to the toes, fingers, ears and nose. This makes it difficult for these body parts to remain warm.

  • Bathroom problems

Prolonged diarrhea can be a signal that your weak immune system is affecting the lining of the intestines or the digestive tract.

  • Dry eyes

People with an autoimmune disorder — a disorder in which the immune system attacks its own body — usually complain of dry eyes.

  • Fatigue

An extreme feeling of tiredness when you have fever, or even on normal days, could mean that something is wrong with your immunity. This affects the joints and muscles as well.

  • Mild fever

A higher temperature than normal usually indicates that your immune system is getting overworked. It could also be a sign of an autoimmune disorder.

How to fix this?

The solutions to fixing a weak immune system are pretty standard. You should eat well, have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, quit smoking and avoid alcohol.

It is pretty common to see individuals with weak immune systems in today’s time. This is mostly because we have all been staying indoors, not been active and not eating well.

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