6-year-old dies after bike ride; Family warns others.

6-year-old dies after bike ride

A 6-year-old boy screamed for his father while riding his bike on a well-known path, fell, and started to turn purple. The child sadly passed away, and the family has since warned other parents.

6-year-old dies after bike ride
(A family was enjoying a bike ride through Bluestem Prairie Open Space when things took a deadly turn. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Following a fatal accident on a bike ride across Bluestem Prairie Open Space in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a family is in mourning for their child. Now, the tragedy is raising awareness of the risk all those who go outside in practically every state in the Union face.

A fundraiser set up for the family claims Nic Currat rode his 6-year-old son Simon and his daughter Renee across the state park, which boasts natural paths. While Simon rode his own bike across the plains, Nic hauled Renee in a bike carrier. Still, things took a terrible turn when the family stopped for a water break.

6-year-old dies after bike ride; Family warns others.
(While taking a water break, Nic Currat heard his son, 6-year-old Simon (right), scream before collapsing and turning purple. (Photo Credit: ProvidedProvided)

Simon had run ahead to check a mile marker sign when Nic heard a gutwrenching scream: “Rattlesnake!” the lad cried in horror. Nic turned to watch his son fall and start to turn purple. Scooping up his child, the father began sprinting across the prairie towards the closest house. The homeowner heard Nic’s cries for help and immediately called emergency paramedics, who arrived minutes later to drive the boy to the hospital, according to KDVR.

The family claims Simon had to be resuscitated on his way to the local hospital and was in cardiac arrest for more than twenty minutes. The lad was given anti-venom and a blood transfusion, then later flown to the main Children’s Hospital in Aurora for specialist treatment in a last-ditch attempt to save his life.

6-year-old dies after bike ride; Family warns others.
(Nic Currat ran with his son in his arms to the nearest house to call paramedics, who arrived in minutes. (Photo Credit: Go Fund Me)

Following Simon’s transfer to Aurora, Anna, Simon’s younger sister, experienced a seizure that required immediate medical attention. Her aunt rushed her to the hospital. The little girl experienced several more seizures upon reaching the medical center; thus, Nic drove back while his wife stayed with their son. Eventually, doctors moved Anna to the same hospital as her brother so the parents might be with both of their kids. Anna was let go not long later.

Simon’s little body had suffered too much from the venom. Doctors determined that Simon’s brain swelling was lethal. Simon was declared brain-dead following several days without improvement and many “brain death tests.” Simon was taken off his breathing tube four agonizing days following the bite and died in the arms of his parents.

(Despite receiving anti-venom and a blood transfusion, Nic Currat’s son Simon passed away four days later. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Experts are using Simon’s case as a cautionary tale for others about the dangers of rattlesnake bites. There are almost every US state rattlesnake in. With anti-venom, most bites are survivable, but, as Simon’s case tragically shows, not always.

“In a lot of cases, you are going to hear that distinct rattle, and what you should do in that case is freeze in place,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife Public Information Officer Jason Clay said. “This reduces you as a threat to that snake and it allows you to find out where that snake is at. If there is a rattlesnake on the trail, go around it. Don’t ever try to move that snake or get it out of the way. A lot of times, that’s how bites occur — people trying to get a snake out of the way.”

Simon’s parents and all three of his siblings are grateful they could bid farewell before his death. The family is in mourning, but they claimed they are holding on to their faith in Christ to help them through the crisis.

(Simon’s parents (right) asked for prayers as they navigate the loss of their son. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

If you come across a rattlesnake, experts advise that the best course of action is to locate the reptile and then gently back away. Experts advise staying calm and going to the closest medical center should one bite. They also advise against using a tourniquet, an ice pack, or mouth-based venom sucking out technique.

The family of Nic Currat hopes Simon’s tale will inspire others as well as alert them to always be ready for outdoor exploration. As they negotiate the loss of a small child, they have sought prayers.

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