A homeowner calls the police after discovering a gruesome surprise on the porch.

Upon returning to his residence after being away for the night, the man noticed something peculiar on his porch. His two pit bulls were the cause of the horrifying sight he encountered as he approached.

A homeowner called police in a panic after returning to a gruesome discovery on his porch. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

According to Georgia police, a homeowner in Newnan arrived at his home at 10:30 a.m. only to find fresh human remains on his porch, as WAGA reported. Authorities have confirmed that the lifeless body of 21-year-old Alex Binyam Abraha was discovered right outside the resident’s front door, leading to an immediate emergency call.

While most pet owners fret about their animals wreaking havoc on the house, one homeowner came back after a night away to discover that his dogs had been up to something much more than the usual chaos. Actually, it caused him to urgently contact the police.

Police discovered the mauled body of 21-year-old Alex Binyam Abraha on the porch. (Photo Credit: Coweta County Sheriff’s Office)

Upon arrival at the residence, deputies from the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office discovered the lifeless body of Alex Binyam Abraha, 21, lying on the porch. When the owner’s two pit bulls approached Abraha, investigators believe that he was attempting to enter the house without permission. The homeowner was unaware that the person was even there because he had not seen him the previous evening.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation medical examiner declared mauling fatal. The official report suggests Abraha broke inside the home before the defensive animals apprehended him.

Investigators suspect that the homeowner’s two pit bulls attacked and fatally mauled the man after he broke into the home. (Photo Credit: Coweta County Sheriff’s Office)

Investigators think that when Abraha saw the dogs, he tried to run away, but he was attacked very quickly. He seems to have managed to get rid of the animals and get out of the house. The preliminary results showed that Abraha had quite serious injuries, and that he had made it to the porch before passing away.

Fulton County authorities are seeking Abraha’s arrest. However, his family is adamant that he has done nothing wrong. They want more police information.

Authorities say that the man managed to escape the dog but died on the porch due to the severe injuries sustained by the dog attack. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As is customary, the dogs were taken into custody and sent to Coweta County Animal Services until the investigation was completed. The homeowner won’t face any legal action, according to the authorities.

“The dogs have been turned over to animal control and nothing has been determined as to what happens next for them,” Nix told the station.

Many people on social media have shown concern for the well-being of the dogs. Some people were worried that the pit bulls might have to undergo euthanasia by animal control because they were merely defending their home and themselves. However, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the dogs will undergo a 10-day quarantine before being returned to their owner.

The dogs will be released after a brief quarantine and the homeowner will not be charged, but the family of the deceased insists that there is no evidence Alex Binyam Abraha did anything wrong. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The family alleges that they were not informed of Abraha’s death until several days after the mauling. They are unwilling to acknowledge the findings of the autopsy and persist in their quest for answers. However, it is still unclear why Abraha was present at this residence initially.

If Abraha was really invading the home, the dogs should be rewarded with extra treats and affection for their efforts. The canines were fiercely protecting their territory and their lives, considering the home to be just as much theirs as their master’s.

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