After KISS Frontman Blasts ‘Dangerous Fad’, Dee Snider Picks Side .

Concerned about what he called a “dangerous fad,” the KISS frontman recorded blasting the practice, knowing it would infuriate many people. Dee Snider, however, unexpectedly chose to support one side of the contentious argument.

Paul Stanley, the frontman of the venerable rock band KISS, chose to express a strong view on the delicate topic of transgenderism. This was a change from the heavy metal rocker who has been clear in the past that leaned more left politically.

Stanley wrote on social media, warning parents against letting young children go through sexual transitioning operations. Stanley started, “There is a big difference between teaching acceptance and normalizing and even encouraging participation in a lifestyle that confuses young children.”

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons (Credit: YouTube)

The comment then went into great detail regarding his worries about children and his support of those who decide as adults. The Blaze claims that in roughly six hours, the post attracted almost 4 million views. Stanley called the activity “innocent” and warned parents against encouraging more of it than is necessary. Stanley gave an example of small children dressing in the clothes of an opposite-sex sibling.

“Many children who lack an actual sense of sexuality or sexual experiences [get] caught up in the ‘fun’ of using pronouns and saying what they identify as,” Stanley said. He said this “sad and dangerous fad” has grown as a result of adults normalizing and supporting it in the name of promoting acceptance.

Currently working with Timcast, Chris Bertman, a journalist, simply said, “Based.” Senior NBC News reporter Ben Collins jabbed Stanley, presumably referencing Stanley’s adult, KISS performance style, which reflected Stanley’s manner of dress. Collins tweeted, “The idea of KISS (!) of all bands complaining about gender nonconforming people is just… a chef’s kiss,” then separately tweeted, “They wore heels and were head to toe in Dom-style leather.”

Answers to the post were conflicting. Although some people agreed with Stanley’s opinions, others were quick to call him a “transphobe” and toss insults. Still another well-known rocker, though, arrived to defend Stanley. Former Twisted Sister head Dee Snider agreed with Stanley’s interpretation. You really know what? I too “felt pretty” at one point. I’m glad my parents didn’t hunch over any snap judgments! Well said, @Paul Stanley Live, he tweeted.

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider (Credit: YouTube)

A Twitter user with more than 100,000 followers under @DefNoodles also defended Stanley, claiming unhappy people were misreading Stanley’s intent. “I believe many people overlook Paul’s argument. He is not denouncing transgender people and/or transitioning. Before they are fully developed and knowledgeable of what they are doing, he said, motivating children to participate in it will have permanent effects on them.

“I think the Left rushing to condemn Paul as a transphobe totally misses his point, even if this topic is far more complex than the way Paul is laying it out here. Dude supports trans rights but, from a fairly leftist perspective, he believes children transitioning is a little premature. He is on the left.

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