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AIIMS Delhi: Fire breaks out

aims delhi

On Monday afternoon, a massive fire broke out in the emergency ward of AIIMS Delhi (All Indian Institute of medical science) which followed several fire tenders rushing to the burnt spot within an hour of the incident the fire was brought under control with no casualties reported and this was a satisfactory part of the whole event according to the fire department.

According to the reports given the incident happened on the second floor of AIIMS’s main building area and as per ANI, the fire broke out in the room names endoscopy and for safety, all the patients were evacuated with no casualties caused.

At around 11.54 in the morning a fire call was received from the emergency ward of AIIMS hospital and at the moment according to the director of Delhi fire services Atul Garg, a total of 8 fire tenders were engaged to extinguish and douse the fire with extreme precautions and safety. The DFS (Delhi Fire Services) confirmed that the fire is under control and the search operation is continued.

Visuals from the spot showed that there was extreme black smoke blowing out of the windows and according to reports there is no injuries, all patients were evacuated and are kept at a safe place in the hospital itself. With the fire being under control all the hospital staff is back to work and the hospital has started following its normal routine. 

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