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Alia Bhatt Reveals Father, Mahesh Bhatt Barely Had Money At One Point: ‘He Was Battling Addiction’

In a recent candid conversation with Elle US Magazine, Alia Bhatt really opened up about her life with her father that is Mahesh Bhatt and his struggles. Adding to this that her father is more often associated with success she even mentioned that he has also seen his fair share of failures with success. Alia further mentioned that he was even battling with alcohol addiction and had given a bunch of flop films in his whole career during his struggling phase. In her word he had a bunch of flops at one point , he barely had any money and he was even battling an addiction of alcohol.

In the same interview she even stated that her father’s life was filled with full of flips and flops or can say ups and downs. She even mentioned that she understands her parent’s struggles and will be always acknowledging the fact that she has many good opportunities in her whole life.

She even talked about all her privileges and how her mother Soni Razdan had faced many struggles in her whole career. Elaborating more and more on it she even mentioned that even her mother gave auditions after auditions as she had no connections in the whole film industry. She even stated that her mother never really became a mainstream heroine but still she worked hard whenever she got an opportunity. Alia also added that her mother had made her fully aware of her privileges early in her life which was good for her.

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