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AMD to invest $400 million in India over next five year, to build new India campus in Bangalore:


The American semiconductor company AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) on Friday, July 28, announced plans to invest $400 million over the next five years in India. This investment is for the new AMD campus in Bangalore that will serve as India’s most prominent design center.

AMD has been a part of India’s semiconductor ecosystem since 2001 which was first established in New Delhi. The company started with just a few employees but now has more than 6500 employees. They have set an example by having a solid foundation due to the local leadership and skilled talent engineers. By establishing in Bangalore, they aim to support the Indian semi-conductor mission. Thus, the investment will build on over two decades of growth and will mark a successful presence in India soon.

This new campus will play an important role in India and even lead to the expansion of the India AMD partnership. It’ll lead to the building of a world-class semi-conductor design and innovation ecosystem thus providing several opportunities for our highly skilled semiconductor engineers and researchers.

The new campus in Bangalore is 500,000 square feet and is set to increase its offices to 10 of its locations specifically across Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and Delhi.

Through these investments, AMD will further expand its R&D capabilities to drive semiconductor innovation in support of the government India semiconductor mission and even help make India a strong semiconductor talented nation.

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