Andrea Ivanova, The Woman Who Did 27 Procedures To Achieve ‘World’s Biggest Lips’

Andrea Ivanova, The Woman Who Did 27 Procedures To Achieve ‘World’s Biggest Lips’

Andrea Ivanova, a woman who shockingly underwent dozens of procedures in her quest to achieve the “world’s biggest lips.” After seeing her before photos compared to how she looks now, many have had unkind criticisms, and if you are one of those who don’t like what she’s done, she has a message for you.

Andrea Ivanova has reportedly had dozens of lip injections. (AI-generated image for visual representation only)

Young Bulgarian Andrea Ivanova from Sofia Sofia set a target for her look, but it’s a dubious one. Andrea had hoped the surgery would help her look more like a Bratz doll, according to an article in the New York Post penned when the woman was 24 years old and about to have her 27th lip injection to further enhance her already enlarged pout.

Many were confused about the woman’s choice to make her already ginormous kisser even more prominent, even if she already had the “biggest lips in the world,” but that is the way Andrea wants them. Speaking of her dubious body modification, “I like them a lot and feel much better,” she said. For many, seeing her before just adds to their uncertainty.

Andrea Ivanova, The Woman Who Did 27 Procedures To Achieve ‘World’s Biggest Lips’
source : instagram Andrea Ivanova

Andrea Ivanova first started getting lip filler several years ago because she felt self-conscious about her supposedly thin lips. When looking at the woman before pictures, not many would criticize her pout as “thin.” Regardless, Andrea said she immediately gained a sense of self-confidence and more attention from men with her new and improved pout.

“Many men from all over the world would write to me on my social media networks, offering me money, traveling, and inviting me to meetings all the time,” Andrea said. With the woman wanting more—and more is what she got—the enhanced self-confidence along with the more male attention seemed to prove addictive.

Andrea Ivanova, Did 27 Procedures To Achieve ‘World’s Biggest Lips’
source: Instagram Andrea Ivanova

Andrea’s social media following grew along with the width of her lips. She had just 9,000 followers in 2021, and 2023 saw her clocking almost 30,000 fans on the platform. She has actually more than tripled her Instagram followers in recent years. Many appear to be enamored men who are enamored with her obscenely large lips and who overflow the Bulgarian beauty’s comment section with flattery. Such a man fawned under a picture of Andrea posing for the camera.

“I really love your lips,” another said. “You are gorgeous, a total babe!” Still another male fan collapsed, “Fantastic. Let me tell you, I would want to be the man who has the honor of having a great dinner with you.

Although some people on social media seem obsessed with her plumper pout, many are far more critical. While some doubt if Andrea will push her lips too far, causing them to burst, others question the cost of such a radical change. Andrea’s before photos seem better than her current pout.

The Post claims, however, that Andrea said she “isn’t worried about her big lips bursting despite having more than two dozen procedures.” Regarding the expenses, the outlet estimated, “With each of her injections costing around $265 USD, Ivanova has spent more than $5,000 perfecting her pout.” Of course, the word “perfecting” reflects who you ask.

Andrea Ivanova, The Woman Who Did 27 Procedures
source: Instagram Andrea Ivanova

It also seems that Andrea Ivanova has had cosmetically enhanced areas besides her lips. She reportedly paid roughly $660 for a visit to her doctor to undergo a face-lengthening and contouring operation to change the shape of her chin and jawline. And from the appearance of her pictures, a few other things might have also been enhanced.

Apart from apparently becoming hooked on changing her appearance through cosmetic surgery, Andrea also seems to enjoy the media coverage she gets. For her legion of lip-loving fans, her plump pout is not the only thing she posts. She also posts a lot of screenshots of stories written about her provocative look from all around the world, as she apparently absorbs the attention.

Andrea Ivanova, The Woman Who Did 27 Procedures To Achieve ‘World’s Biggest Lips’
source: Instagram Andrea Ivanova

Of course, as already noted, not everyone enjoys her improvements. Rather, she is “subjected to attacks from cruel trolls,” with some suggesting she requires “serious mental help,” while other critics outright label the woman “disgusting.” But Andrea Ivanova appears mostly unconcerned about the views of others.

“I can’t give any indication of how big is too big, or can lips be too big,” Andrea said, shrugging off her detractors in 2019 when she had just 15 injections and was already being questioned about how far she would go with the fillers.

Andrea Ivanova, Who Did 27 Procedures To Achieve ‘World’s Biggest Lips’
source : Instagram Andrea Ivanova

But what Andrea Ivanova said next is maybe the most crucial lesson one could learn from her transforming path. She said, “There are people who like me with bigger lips and others with smaller lips; but it doesn’t matter to me, because it’s important for me, how I like it.”

Though her lips might not be my taste, her attitude about her looks seems to be something I can support most of all about her appearance. She seems to understand and accept that not everyone will be a fan, and while she is free to do whatever she wants with her body, others are free to express their opinions when she puts it on public display.

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