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Anju will return to India on Aug 20 Pak friend denies reports of love angle:

Anju Return

A married Indian woman visited a legally remote village in Pakistan to meet her Facebook friend and will be coming to India on August 20. Her Pakistani friend Nasrulla confirmed that he has no plan of marrying 34-year-old Anju who was born in Utter Pradesh.

In 2019 Narsulla and Anju became friends on Facebook. Nasrulla on call told that Anju Is on the way to visit him in Pakistan and they have no plan to marry currently. Her visa will be expired by August 20 and thus she will be coming back to India on the same date. According to Nasrulla, Anju is living in a different room with the other female members of his family and is safe.

According to Anju’s interaction with a local journalist her journey with Narsulla began on Facebook and later blossomed something into a love affair which surely prompted her to visit Pakistan. Narsulla assured that they have been providing adequate security by the district administration.

Anju has traveled to Pakistan’s tribal Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on a valid Pakistani visit to visit Nasrulla. The chancery was informed that it had been confirmed to grant a 30-day visa to Anju and Narsulla who is a science graduate from a university in Sheringal being the youngest of 5 brothers. He even has given an affidavit to the local authorities, confirming that there Is no love angle to Anju and his friendship even though the affidavit state that she won’t be moving out of the upper district.

Anju’s travel document was checked and she was even interviewed based on which no objection certificate is issued. She is assured by her that she is happy over there. Anju’s husband Arvind with a 15-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son is hopeful that she’ll be returning soon irrespective of the fact that they were told she was going to Jaipur but was in Pakistan with a valid passport. They haven’t complained and told me that he’ll talk to her and ask to return soon.

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