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Apple: Indian Sales record hits


We all are living in that era of a world where out of 100 more than 50 use iPhones. True, isn’t it? iPhone Is on trending sales and a steady increase can be seen in the shipments of the phone in the past 3 years.

According to Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook the company has drastically achieved strong double digits growth revenue in India and also for the June quarter. In this quarter they even opened the first two retail stores in India. According to the reports the company’s quarterly report has come over amid a period of sustained growth in India.

Recent reports have shown that the Indian iPhone shipments are to reach 9 million units during 2023 which would reflect 40% growth from the shipments done last year which was around 6.5 million shipments. In 2021 the shipments were around 4.5 million and in 2020 it was around 2 million. Thus, it can be seen that in the recent three-year iPhone shipments have gradually increased and are at the benchmark of 9 million in the year 2023 which shows how Indians are truly attracted towards the new technology by Apple.

However, talking globally there can be seen a decline in consumer sentiment which has affected Apple’s June quarterly earnings, and one can see that revenue fell by 1% to $81.8 million.

According to Luca Maestri chief financial officer of apple, the company expects that its iPhone sales are going to get far better in the upcoming days. They expect that iPhone and its services are surely going to accelerate their performance year over year and they expect revenue for both Mac and iPad to decline in the upcoming years because of its difficult compares and that too specially in Mac. For both these products they experienced huge supply disruptions from factories and many shut down in the June quarter of 2022.

The analysts say that apple’s overall performance is not at all surprising in India knowing how the shift in the Indian market has happened apple shipments have been continuously rising in India which is driven by a strong deal in price for the iPhone that also at a better stage than seen before. iPhones have seen great selling majorly during the festive season because of different attention-grabbing deals offered by the company. In India, during last year’s festive season, iPhone 12 was seen at an effective pricing point that was nearly rupees 50,000 which is extremely less than the original and average selling price. This lack of compelling options at lesser prices tends to increase the affordability and increases convenience of the option for buyers which is surely working in the favor of Apple company.

Thus, India has great potential in increasing the sales of the iPhone because of its extraordinary features and the selling techniques the sales are surely going to prosper.

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