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As Jawan crosses Rs1000-cr mark, a breakup of who gets what from that huge figure

Jawan crosses 100 CR mark

Here is an overview of the box office take percentage that the producers, exhibitors, distributors, and lead actors receive as Jawan crosses the 1000 crore mark. Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, became the second Hindi film this year and the third overall to gross over $1 billion on Monday. The first celebrity to join the group was Aamir Khan, who did so in 2016 with the biographical sports drama Dangal. This achievement was also accomplished by Shah Rukh’s Pathaan earlier this year.

As we get the third ₹1000-crore Hindi film, here is a look at what the numbers mean, and who gets what portion of that huge amount. Each film has a different method for allocating profits to its many stakeholders. Producer and industry expert Girish Johar explained that the division does not have a set number since it relies on the contract that is agreed with for each film. However, it may be estimated that between 45 and 50 percent of the nett box office receipts go to the producers.

The exhibitors come next in the hierarchy of profit sharing. Girish said they get around 37-38% of the box office collection, while Galaxy Cinema CEO Rashmikant Bhalodia put the figure at 30% for the exhibitors. According to Rashmikant, CEO of Galaxy Cinema (Rajkot), distributors receive between 15-20% of a movie’s total box office receipts. Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, two prominent Bollywood actors, are the leads in every movie that has made over one billion dollars. For a while now, these performers have been receiving a cut of the movie’s revenue. Ramesh estimated the percentage at 5% of the actor’s overall box office earnings. The majority of Bollywood’s top actors, according to Girish, take a cut of box office and other profits, so the total is far more. He did not assign the actors’ portion a proportion.

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