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ATIShi pushes for funds release for 12-govt funded du colleges

In New Delhi the Aam Aadmi party leader and the minister Atishi has written to the Directorate of the Higher education regarding the immediate release of the third quarterly grant of all the 12 DU colleges which are fully funded by the Delhi government and regarding this the immediate release of the third quarterly grant of colleges was asked. Despite the increases budgetary allocation by the Delhi Government there are ongoing issues in the whole processing essential payments that even include salaries, pension, arrears, medical bills and many more and as mentioned by Atishi in the letter these are considered primarily attributed to the delay in the fund disbursement by the DHE.

She told that she would like to emphasize here that this matter is currently heard by the whole Delhi High court wherein a notice was immediately issued to the finance department to expedite the disbursement of the whole funds and she further stated that this delay in the fund disbursal ahs created substantial obstacles in fulfilling the vital financial obligations of the colleges which particularly has the disbursement of the salaries and have been pending for the months as it has caused undue hardship the staff and facilities of all these colleges which can be paid in time.

Thus, this matter is current being heard in Delhi high court and the notice was issued to the whole finance department in order to expedite the disbursement of the funds.

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