“Bad Samaritan” discovers a victim of a car crash and takes advantage of her situation.

On a Sunday morning in Texas Kimberly Smith was driving alone when she lost control of her car and rolled it three times. Slightly alert but totally perplexed, Kimberly was expecting someone would see her and come to save her. Sadly, the motorist who stopped at last was not someone with good intentions, thus he made a terrible situation much worse.

(Kimberly Smith’s car rolled over three times in a wreck in Irving, Texas. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Another car cut Kimberly Smith off while she was driving on Highway 114 in Irving, Texas, forcing her to drive off the road and have her car flip three times before it touched its roof. Kimberly saw a “tall, skinny black male” approaching her after she had just freed herself and escaped her mangled Ford Focus. She said, “He was walking up, asking if I was okay and if I needed help.”

Walking toward Kimberly, the stranger had passed over some wreckage from the crash, gathering some of her personal items en route to let her know he was on his way to assist. “Even found her purse and brought it over to her,” her brother Joshua Smith said on a Facebook post on the first meeting. He said, “She was still dazed and confused from the accident and he said he was going to go get his cell to call 911.”

(Her brother, Joshua Smith, claimed in a Facebook post that a tall, skinny black male approached his sister’s car, claiming to help her. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Kimberly begged the stranger to stay with her; she did not want to be left alone in a horrible situation. Saying he wasn’t going anywhere—actually, he was—the man reassured her not to panic. Claiming to be going to call the police, the stranger returned to his faded red pickup truck with her wallet still in hand. Rather, he left carrying her credit cards, cash, and identification.

Kimberly remembered, “Next thing I know, he’s gone and my wallet is missing,” FOX4 reported. “He must be in a difficult position to feel the need to steal from someone who has just gone through a traumatic event, who could have nearly died or suffered major injuries.”

(The unidentified man retrieved Kimberly Smith’s purse, stole her wallet, and returned to his car to drive off, Joshua Smith claims. (Photo Credit: Facebook)
(Kimberly Smith was alone until another driver pulled over, called 911, and stayed with her until the police arrived. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Joshua added, “She begged him to just stay with her.” “He said, not to worry; I’m not going anywhere. He loads the truck and drives off. Carrying her wallet. Including all of her credit cards. ID:’s everything. And all of this happened while nobody stopped to assist her after she became trapped upside down. What the devil is wrong with this planet? he asked, utterly disgusted by what this man did and what other onlookers omitted.

Given the double dosage of trauma Kimberly experienced that morning, her recovery—which, as she said herself, is “nothing short of a miracle”—was sought at a nearby hospital. People were slowing down, snapping pictures, she said. “Hey, would you kindly call 911? Hi, kindly assist. Men started their journey by driving. Someone stopped.

(Cortney Anne Martin and Shakir Sharrieff face charges in connection to the fraudulent use of a credit card belonging to Kimberly Smith. (Photo Credit: Irving Police)

Police arrested Shakir Sharrieff and Cortney Anne Martin in relation to Kimberly Smith’s credit card being used fraudulently. Police said a search of their Dallas motel room turned Kimberly’s wallet and some of her pilfers. Martin was charged with credit card abuse; Sharrieff was accused of theft of less than $750.

When Sharrieff came upon a helpless woman, he seized the chance to rob her instead of helping her. Knowing she was hurt, he left without calling the police since he had only taken of her. Though her wrecked car was clearly visible, cars kept whirling by without stopping.

(Kimberly Smith (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Someone with a good heart really stopped and got her the medical attention she sorely needed and even waited with her for emergency services to show up, by the grace of God. Still, a lot more did not. “I hope this guy who stopped to “help” and everyone who did not stop at all, is not a majority in our society today,” Joshua remarked. We are better people than that.

Presumably hoping to get whatever he could find around Kimberly’s body, the man who stole from her probably only walked up to her car to check for death. Then, seeing she was still alive, he launched off with what he could. This man basically stole from an injured vehicle crash victim. People like this are merciless cowards who only give thought to what they can get from defenseless people.

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