Bear Chooses To Express Her gratitude to the man who was kind to her.

A man chose to treat black bears he came across on his territory kindly over the years. Unlike his expectations, a mama bear he had seen many times finally made a significant appearance, apparently wanting to “thank her friend.” Fortunately for us, cameras were running, and video captured the whole encounter.

(hen a family of black bears kept showing up on his property, Patrick Conley decided to record them for his YouTube channel. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Being a native of Asheville, North Carolina, where black bears are frequently seen, Patrick Conley wasn’t too shocked when, in late 2017, he started observing a family of bears frequently visiting his property. The bears appeared to get along with Patrick over time, as he recorded numerous images of them and posted them to his YouTube channel for his large following.

The family of four bears visited Patrick so regularly, that he named them. There was the mother, whom Patrick named Maïté, and she had three baby bears: her hefty son Maurice, shy Solange, and Simone. Sadly, the family of bears seemed to go their separate ways around May 2018, except for Simone, whom Patrick said he still saw at least once a week for years to come.

(Although the original family of four bears seemed to go their separate ways, one bear named Simone continued to visit Patrick Conley regularly, seemingly becoming his “friend.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Once Simone had the “misfortune” of “volunteering” for the North Carolina Urban/Suburban Black Bear Study, Patrick noticed that she was wearing a tracking collar. But Patrick would notice something very different about the bear he had grown up with when Simone appeared in May 2021. Simone seemingly had a surprise for Patrick.

When Simone came out of the woods to greet Patrick, he realized she was not alone. Patrick, who captured the encounter for his YouTube channel, claimed that instead of Simone, “the cutest things to ever have walked these woods” soon followed her. “First visit this year by your favorite girl, Simone!” Patrick captioned the clip, excitedly adding, “AND YES, SHE BROUGHT HER FIRST EVER LITTER OF CUBS!!!!”

It appeared that Simone had come to Patrick’s porch to introduce her babies to the man who had grown to be her friend over the years. It seemed to be her way of saying “thank you” for Patrick’s kindness. And, as another welcomed surprise, Patrick noticed the tracking collar was gone, and Simone appeared well-fed.

“Since it was her first litter, I made an effort not to frighten her or the younger animals,” Patrick said, estimating that she would be easy to get along with in close quarters. And he was not in error. In fact, Simone made an even more unexpected appearance in April 2023. Patrick dubbed them “batch #2 of adorables,” and this time, she had four cubs!

The bears appear to be enjoying themselves on Patrick’s porch, where he is contentedly watching them. It appears that neither is afraid of the other. Rather, they seem to have been friends for life, and Simone, who met Patrick when he was still a cub, feels that way too. When the cubs see their mother’s friend for the first time, they are a little more wary, but they still trust their mother and follow her lead as they investigate the porch with curiosity.

Although Patrick Conley had a wonderful experience, we must caution you that it is always dangerous to approach wild bears, especially mothers with their young. Though it’s amazing how much Simone trusts and respects Patrick Conley, black bears are still wild animals that can be unpredictable. Fortunately, we don’t have to jeopardize our lives in order to experience such a close-up. Rather, Patrick provides a ton of videos while “Simone and Company” repeatedly stop by his porch.

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