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Bengaluru, Now India’s Silicon Valley, Struggles With Fallout Of Tech Boom

On the January stroll which was around Sankey Tank a verdant lake in Bengaluru has indeed noticed that dozens of trees had been painted more of with red and black X’s and O’s. As of the native of the city many of their residents still call Bangalore the 34-year old marketing executive understood the symbols. The trees were to be cut down and was soon discovered that the government had approved construction of a highway which would overpass along the water’s edge and to make way for the road the trees had to go ad no one even bothered to ask the nearby residents about their personal opinion.

The city today shows the costs of breakneck development and India’s $194 billion IT services industry has now made Bengaluru the country’s silicon valley which was the economic book, the population had indeed more than tripled since the year 1990 to 13 million.

The illegal construction has filled into many canals which lead to severe flooding during the rainstorms and in May a flash flood had killed an employee of the IT services of giant Infosys Ltd. And just after the extreme heavy rainfall year ago the local news channels and social media had lit up the images of the inundated luxury homes and the people were pushing stalled vehicles throughout the water thus the storms had forces the closure of the outer ring road where the likes of the Goldman Sachs group Inc/ and Microsoft Corp. have their whole campus.

Krishna Byre Gowda also the minister of the revenue of Karnataka had put on the blame on the chaotic spread on the graft that has allowed the developers to construct the housing projects without the corresponding roads, sanitation and even the water infrastructure but the builders according to him don’t even go through the regulatory channel or even the necessary approval.

Byre Gowda has indeed asked the world bank for a 30 billion rupee that is $362 million of loaf has he says Bengaluru needs to start unclogging its storms drain. build up the sewage treatment infrastructure and betterment of the address the threats of the climate change. Thus, he has cautioned that the city’s troubles are myriad and manifold and won’t be really easy to solve as they have been caught way behind in their future planning.

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