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Bihar is not a stranger to increasing crime rates. So, the news of thefts in Bihar had long failed to surprise people. It was a common sight on every news channel and every newspaper. But the recent happenings in the state are no less than bizarre.

Mobile Tower

A group of thieves posed as officials and gained access to a mobile tower that was situated on the roof of a residential house. They dismantled the tower, loaded the parts onto a truck and took it away. The tower belonged to GTPL (Gujarat Tele Private Limited) and was worth Rs. 19 lakh.

Iron Bridge

A 60 feet long bridge in the village of Amiyawar was stolen in front of the residents’ eyes over a course of three days. The perpetrators of this robbery were allegedly carrying out “official work” to dismantle the old and unused bridge. Under this guise, they executed their heist effortlessly.

Train engine

In Bihar’s Begusarai district, a group of thieves succeeded in stealing a diesel engine from a railway yard. They had dug a tunnel to the yard and they used that tunnel to carry the engine parts in sacks. Slowly, they did away with the entire engine and stored the parts in a godown in the Prabhat nagar area.


A 2 km road connecting the two villages of Kharouni and Khadampur in Bihar recently disappeared and was replaced by wheat crops. This was the work of a group of goons who stole the road and sowed crops in order to conceal their theft. They ploughed the road with a tractor and threatened the villagers, who tried to stop them, with rods and sticks.

Oil from a moving train

In the most recent course of events, men in Bihta (a sub-division of patna) were caught stealing oil from a moving train. The train was allegedly on its way to the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) when these men intercepted it. In a now viral video, the men can be seen filling up buckets with oil draining from the train.


It would be an understatement to say that this chain of bizarre thefts has baffled the entire country. It has not only come as a surprise to the nation but it also raises innumerable questions regarding the motive of these outlandish crimes

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