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Bishnoi vs bambiha:How a college rivalry left india and canada in a diplomatic row

Amidst the last week when the relationship between the two countries had reached a sudden flashpoint armed gunmen had barged into a second floor flat in the Winnipeg, Canada and even a shot gangster Sukha Duneke nine times in the head.

Before killing the shooters had allegedly sent by the jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi confronted Duneke with this murder of Gurlal Brar who is also the former state president of SOPY and this was known by the sources which was said the murder of Brar who is the younger brother of Goldy brar and another even wanted the fugitive who was until recently holed up in Canada in the year 2020 exacerbated the ongoing feud between the Davinder Bambiha and Lawrence Bishnoi factions that is precipitating a series of murder in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and even Delhi.

Bishnoi’s candidate has contested and had narrowly lost the poll for the President of Punjab University Students union which had indeed triggered the chain of killings and has hit upon which has resulted in formation of syndicates that has engaged in murder and extortion and even a gang war which is now playing out in Canada.

Counting the given numbers of gangsters and hitmen from both the syndicates which were fleeing to Canada already had a safe haven for Kahlistani terrorists that is the country is an extension of the war zone which is as far as limited to Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and the NCR region.

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