Black Man Deadly Shot Following Head Bashing Cop Awarded $1.7M for Family.

Black Man Deadly Shot Following Head Bashing

The suspect black man attacked a police officer answering a call regarding a man choking a woman, bashing him in the head with a “football-sized” rock. The county was obliged to award $1.7 million to the suspect’s family, even though their fatal shooting was judged “justified.”

Black Man Deadly Shot Following Head Bashing
Sacramento police shot and killed Mikel McIntyre after witnesses claim he hit a police officer in the head with a big rock. Sacramento County paid McIntyre’s family $1.7 million (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Officers rushed to a department-store parking lot to find 32-year-old black man, Mikel McIntyre interacting with his mother, Brigett McIntyre, after the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office answered a call regarding a man choking a woman and trying to pull her out of her vehicle. According to reports, the call was the second alert that day that police had gotten about the man’s erratic behavior. Amazingly, EMS also responded separately that day regarding an emotionally disturbed man living at the same address. Sacramento County paid McIntyre’s family $1.7 million in settlement outside of court following a lawsuit for wrongful death.

According to the Sacramento Bee, McIntyre’s mother confirmed that she had tried twice that day to put her son on an involuntary psychiatric hold but that he fell short of the standards for such an action. Sadly, it would be the last time she would ever have seen him alive.

Black Man Deadly Shot Following Head Bashing Cop Awarded $1.7M for Family.
Deputy Jeff Wright received stitches for a serious head injury from a “football-sized” river rock. Sacramento County paid McIntyre’s family $1.7M (Photo Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office)

The official report claims that as the officer attempted to arrest the man, a witness at the scene informed police he saw “a white cop and a black male” in a physical struggle. Blue Lives Matter notes that he verified the man fit McIntyre’s description “broke free and then picked up a big piece of concrete and hit the officer in the head and chest with it.” The object turned out to be a big river rock, which left Wright severely head injured and bleeding a lot.

“The rock was about the size of a football. The officer fell down and the black guy started running,” the witness told investigators. “I think the officer fired two shots at the black guy but I don’t think he hit him because he didn’t even break stride.”

McIntyre headed for an overpass and then dashed down the side of the road to avoid police pursuit. Dashcam footage showed his death as cops fired 28 rounds, striking him in the rear, both arms, both thighs, and his head before a police K9 stopped him finally.

According to an inquiry by Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s office, McIntyre’s threat to the public justified the deputies’ actions and use of force, FOX40 reports. His family rejected the decision, though.

McIntyre’s mother keeps accusing the police of not only brutality but also a conspiratorial cover-up even after she has settled with the county.

“The witnesses were saying, ‘No, the police officer slipped and fell and hit his head.’ They both entangled and they both fell and my son got up and started walking away,” Brigett said.
“If I went out and murdered somebody and lied about it, wouldn’t I spend time in jail? Even if they could prove it or not, I would still have to spend time in jail. What makes them above the law?” she accused. “It’s not right. It’s over excessive.”

Rick Braziel, the Inspector General, chastised the deputies for firing “excessive” and “unnecessary” rounds. Arguing that McIntyre was only armed with a big rock, he trivialized his actions and said he was not a major threat.

The family of Mikel McIntyre keeps criticizing the behavior of the police force. Now, his mother says, other witnesses support her assertions that her son was never violent with her or Deputy Wright.

The media have chosen to focus on a number of incidents involving a black suspect and a white police officer, including fatal shootings. Unfortunately, the result has only strengthened the narrative claiming systematic racism exists in our legal system and widened racial inequalities.

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