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Bulldozers over riot links


As of Thursday, around 150 families saw their shanties razed out as the bulldozers were sent by the government to a slum cluster called Tauru where there was a claim made by the officials that some of its residents were found to be involved or were a part of rioting in the communal clashes which took place on July,31.

Bulldozers even tore down five houses which were near a temple in Nalhar and this happened on the very next day Friday. This area was the epicentre of July 31 numerous clashes during the procession. According to the facts police claimed around 14 youngsters from the settlement were involved in stone pelting.

The home minister Anil Vij in the daily press conference gave an assurance to the citizens that no one involved in these clashes would be spared but he also remarked that the bulldozer is an important part of the Indian system and is needed to be done.

The time when bulldozers arrived at the sum cluster that part or encroachment of land which particularly belongs to HSVP (Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran) was cited as the reason for the demolition drive which took place. According to the families of the Tauru slum, the demolitions began around 3 PM on Thursday and some of them even mentioned that they have been staying here for over 10 years without being severed with any sort of notice. 

Many of the people in the slum showed their Aadhar and PAN card as proof of their respective nationality and according to that many of them in the slum cluster have come from West Bengal and Assam. By the media and other public, they were branded as Bangladeshi illegals living in India.

One of the slum clusters that to ragpicker reported that they are being tortured because they are away from their minor community and why are they suffering from stone pelting and spreading of hate videos. They are left with nothing, no food and no rooftop to sleep under this rainy season which is a hurtful situation for them.

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