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Centre’s Air Quality Panel On Delhi’s Strategy To Tackle Pollution

Delhi is now indeed implementing a comprehensive and effective strategy in order to tackle the air pollution with its main focus on reducing dust pollution and the massive harmful emission form transport and firecrackers as said by the commission for air quality and management and this was said on Wednesday.

Delhi is now currently boasting a fleet of 7041 buses which even includes 4088 Delhi Transport corporation buses and even the 2953 cluster buses which includes 456 e-buses and 94 mini-electric busses.
In order to bolster public transport and reducing individual vehicle emission the city has now planned to add 850 more buses by the end of September 2023 and even an addition 650 by March 2024 as said and informed by the center’s air quality panel.

As of the current September 23 Delhi has 943 operational pollution under control certification station and are staggering 33.56 lakh PUC certificates which have been issued.

In order to bid to promote eco-friendly mobility Delhi has immediately seen a surge in the registration of all electric vehicles with more than 2.38 lakhs EVs registered as of September 22 and it was said by the CAQM in its statement earlier this Wednesday.

This city currently constitutes 3100 charging stations, 4793 charging points and even 318 swapping stations. The plans are in place to establish a total of 18,000 public and even 30,000 private or semi-public charging station as of by 2025 as said in the statement.

Thus, several efforts to control the dust pollution has included the deployment of around 83 mechanical road-sweeping MRS machined that will collectively sweep approximately 27,00 km of roads daily.

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