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Chandrayaan-3: Cold lunar night nears Shiv Shakti Point, revival hopes fade

As the lunar night has started approaching, hopes of reviving India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission are slightly seen fading and the spacecraft which includes the Vikram Lander and Pragyan rover has been put into in sleep mode since Septmber-2.

ISROhad really been trying to connect with the lander rover duo since the sunlight has returned on Shiv Shakri point but the efforts bore no such results as of now.

However with the lunar night which is set to begin on September 30 the chances of re-establishing communication with the spacecraft are dwindling and the lunar night which last for approximately 14 Earth days is now characterized by extreme cold and absolute darkness. During this whole period temperatures on the lunar surface can surely plummet to around minus 180 degree Celsius which is rendering any technology non operational.
The Indian Space research organization had previously expressed optimism on the spacecraft that might even survive the harsh condition of this lunar night and if it survives on night then it will surely survive many more lunar lights as said by an ISRO official earlier. However as the lunar night nears these hope are meant to begin to fade.

Chandrayaan-3 which represents India’s whole bold foray into the lunar exploration has successfully soft-landed on the moon this August-23. Despite all these fading hopes the Chndrayaan-3 mission has now already provided valuable data about the lunar surface. The APXS payload onboard the rover detected the presence of minor elements while the LIBS has confirmed the presence of Sulphur and these finding will undoubtedly contribute to our understanding of the moon and its whole composition.

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