College Cancels Conservative Speaker, So Alumni Make Cancelation.

A big university canceled a scheduled speech when it found out a science lecturer had conservative opinions. Knowing that two can play that game, some former students banded together to cancel something of the college’s as well.

(After canceling a conservative speaker, MIT received a cancellation of its own. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Professor Dorian Abbot of the University of Chicago has bravely challenged social justice, equity, and diversity—all of which have dangerously changed academia. He expected to get criticism after co-authoring an op-ed for Newsweek called “The Diversity Problem on Campus.”

Abbot coined MFE, or “merit, fairness, and equality,” as a substitute for the social justice quest, railing against colleges implementing discriminatory policies to achieve equity. Of course, his assessment did not sit well with the progressive universities endorsing these particular ideals.

(For opposing social justice, MIT disinvited Professor Dorian Abbot from speaking at its annual lecture at the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Following his criticism of the social justice movement, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology quietly invited Professor Abbot as the keynote speaker for an annual lecture in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences under duress. Though the school tried to quietly dismiss Abbot for his conservative opinions, word got out, and one former student acted.

Tom Hafer, who graduated from MIT more than 50 years ago, has been a consistent supporter of the academic endeavors of the college until now. Hafter brought the media to his own cancellation after learning of the decision of his alma mater to cancel Abbot for his support of equality. Hafer said in a phone interview with The College Fix that he would not be making any more donations to the university unless MIT extended its defense of free speech and academic freedom.

“What the free speech alliance is doing makes me have hope for MIT,” Hafer said. “It shows me that if change is going to happen, it has to start with the people, and not the administration.”

(Alumnus Tom Hafer took to the media to announce he is canceling his financial donations to MIT. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Fellow alumnus Henry I. Miller, who has also promised to stop funding MIT, soon joined Hafer. The pair gestured toward the college’s commitment to “wokeness” and the threat it presents to advancement.

“First, facts are not racist, and stating facts is not racism. Second, a person’s ethnicity or skin color does not define him or her as a racist, oppressor, or victim,” the alumni wrote in the City Journal. “Third, intellectual ability and achievement are the principal requirements for admission as a student or faculty member to any university.”

Apart from collecting donations, Hafer has urged the university to arrange a public discussion between Professor Abbot and any one of the six recently appointed associate deans for diversity, equity, and inclusion. His invitation has not been answered by the deans or the university.

(Tom Hafer has been joined by fellow alumnus Henry I. Miller, who vowed to cut off financial support to MIT as well. (Photo Credit: Malu Laker via Unsplash)

Hafer has also voiced his worries about MIT’s mandatory diversity training, which emphasizes unchangeable traits rather than praising qualities like competence, tenacity, and diligence.

“The compulsory videos contain deftly worded but fatuous questions implying that straight white males are at the ‘intersection’ of all oppressive behaviors,” Hafer wrote. “Everyone else is an oppressed victim, with extra points for being a member of multiple minority groups. Thus, the concept of ‘intersectionality” is a kind of conspiracy theory of victimization.”

Professor Abbot thanked the alumni in an email for their help and once more urged the university to stop impeding the flow of ideas.

“Free speech and academic freedom protect the right of the activists involved to argue that my lecture should be canceled and to say whatever they want about me. It is the responsibility of the department chair and university administration to make sure that lectures are not canceled because someone claims to be offended. Doing so inhibits the progress of knowledge and creates a tool for activists to use in order to prevent arguments they disagree with from being aired,” he wrote.

Not only does MIT follow this path but other universities also do. Colleges all over the country have adopted equitable policies, which reject equality and impede academic advancement.

(Professor Dorian Abbot called on MIT to honor free speech and re-invite him to speak. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Stopping funding these colleges and instead supporting institutions upholding free speech and rewarding hard work, intelligence, and perseverance regardless of the outward appearance of the student or staff member will help to counteract this regressive shift.

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