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What We Know About The Resurgence Of Corona

Is the battle we fought together back to be fought again?
Is the battle we fought together back to be fought again? 

It has been reported that in the past 24 hours 833 new cases and 8 deaths have been reported. The pandemic we fought so thoroughly with its vast negative effects, causing thousands and lakhs of deaths, is hitting back. We all need to spread awareness, and understand the fact that we can’t let this happen again. 

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So far the cases surpass 4,46,65,643. The death toll due to Covid in India stands at 5,30,528. Isn’t it a cause we all need to unite and think about? But remember, from a faraway distance! Cases are growing and nobody knows where this is leading to. Is this how it’s going to be now? Do we have to learn to live with it? So many questions are coming in handy. There is something that we can surely say, no matter what we are going to fight, stay aware and become stronger. 

It’s not just India where the cases are being reported increasingly, Singapore, Australia, and China are constantly having changes in numbers. We don’t know where it is going, or what is on the path but for now, stay warm, protected, and don’t forget to follow all the safety measures.

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