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Cringe level is so high on LinkedIn: Musk

Elon Musk shared that he will ensure that ‘X competitor to LinkedIn is cool’.

Elon Musk unveiled X’s “Hiring” function, which would assist businesses in reaching “millions of relevant candidates.” He made sure it would be a more amazing feature than LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, Elon Musk expressed his opinions, and he is not a fan. He remarked in his response to a user on X regarding LinkedIn that the platform’s “cringe level is so high.” He also said he will make sure “X competitor to LinkedIn is cool.” Many people are interested to see what this new platform could provide after the announcement.

A service called “Hiring” from X (previously Twitter), which seeks to compete with business networking websites like LinkedIn, just debuted in testing. This service will enable verified organizations to connect with “millions of relevant candidates” and is only available to them. It costs $1,000 every month (or about $82,300) to use it.

On August 27, Elon Musk responded to a tweet on LinkedIn from X user Ian Zelbo. “Is there anything worse than LinkedIn?” tweeted Zelbo. The tweet gained popularity and attracted a lot of attention. People occasionally offer me LinkedIn links, but the cringe factor is so great that I just can’t bring myself to use it, so I ask for the CV or bio to be sent by email instead, Elon Musk wrote in response to this tweet. We’ll make sure LinkedIn’s competition, X, is hip.

Elon Musk’s reply to the X user’s tweet garnered more than 1.8 lakh views. Numerous users also expressed their interest in the job hiring feature mentioned by Elon Musk. An individual wrote, “The worst part is people just straight up making things up! I’ve seen a lot of people use titles on LinkedIn that don’t even exist and couldn’t be further from what they actually do at the company like – being responsible for something doesn’t make you the ‘head of’ it. Lol.”

“LinkedIn is so cringe that I wonder why people keep using it, and some even post there – to be honest most posts there must be marketing stuff addressing the void,” expressed another.

A third remarked, “X is the future. It’s making all of these other social media sites obsolete.”

“Never had LinkedIn – very interested in a XedIn or Xonnect,” shared a fourth.

These are some reactions given by the users.

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