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Delhi cop dies after truck hits his car. He was standing outside.

Delhi truck hits police

A Delhi cop dies on Rohtak road after being hit by a truck. The truck hit the car from behind near Madipur Metro Station and the truck driver flee from the scene.

This incident occurred on Sunday when Police Inspector Jabir Singh was standing outside the car as it was disrupted by some mechanical issue and in the midst of this a truck driver after hitting abandoned the truck and flew away from the scene. 

Jabir Singh was posted in the security unit of the Delhi Police Department.

A video has been recorded and the visual that can be seen is how a truck dashed into a sedan. The left side of the truck can be seen elevated on the driver’s side of the car which could have crushed the officer under its weight.

Further investigation on this incident is taking place and surely the police department will reach out to the truck driver. One should consider this incident as a learning one and not just run away in case of wrong rather face it and apologize before it gets too late.

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