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Delhi flood Alert


Amid Delhi’s hustle bustle life there was a sudden orange alert given on Monday at 11p.m after the water level of the Yamuna which breached the danger mark of 205.33 metres was recorded at 206.01 mm at 11 pm, according to data shared by the Flood Control Department in the national capital. On 12th July it saw a rise of 207.49 metres making it more dangerous. The water level in the Yamuna has been rising continuously as neighbouring Haryana released kore water into the river from the Hathnikund barrage, amid heavy rainfall.

Delhi is in the mid of fighting a tremendous battle, one of the worst flood-like scenarios due to the heavy rainfall and it has led to the evacuation of around 25,000 people from inundated areas. The Delhi Government urged people to stay in the relief camps giving them assurance that they are not facing any threat and advised them to not to return to their flood-affected homes since there was a slight rise in water level of Yamuna River. The Municipal Corporation directed to carry put fumigation of the flood-affected areas to avoid the spread of diseases and also the children who lost all their school supplies were allowed to attend the classes without those until new supplies are bought.

In view of the decrease in water level of Yamuna, the transport department of Delhi relaxed some restrictions in order to ease the transport of goods and transport of heavy good is now only restricted from the Singhu Border. All the interstate buses will only be able to reach the Singhu Border only. Heavy vehicles were restricted in Delhi except the heavy vehicles carrying food items and essential were excluded from restrictions.

Meanwhile IMD had issued warning with prediction that in next 4-5 days Delhi Is likely to receive moderate rains accompanied by thunderstorms. This is all due to the Yamuna River has received a lot of water from Himachal and other states. It is an alarming situation all residents of the Indian Capital have to find out ways to save themselves, help others and try their best to protect their surroundings, support government and calmly wait for the situation to drown.

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