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Delhi-Gurugram Expressway NH-48 to Undergo 90-Day Closure for Repairs

The Delhi-Gurugram Expressway (NH-48) is a vital and key link for commuters. It is often used by the people traveling between the two cities. However, the expressway is set to undergo major repair and construction work. This will result in a 90-day closure. Here is a detailed article on reasons for the closure and impact on commutators.

Reasons for closure

The Delhi-Gurugram Expressway NH-48 has been in operation for several years. Over time, various issues have been identified that need to be addressed. The repair work will include three things. The resurfacing of the road. The replacement of damaged concrete slabs And the repair of the drainage system.

The expressway experiences heavy traffic throughout the day. And the wear and tear caused by this traffic has resulted in the need for repair work. The authorities have decided to undertake the repair work during the monsoon season. This is done to minimize the inconvenience caused to commuters. The work is expected to be completed in 90 days, after which the expressway will be reopened.

Impact on Commuters:

The closure of the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway NH-48 for 90 days will have a significant impact on commuters. The expressway is one of the busiest roads in the region. Such a closure will result in traffic congestion and delays on alternative routes.

To minimize the impact on commuters, the authorities have advised them to use alternative routes. Commuters can use the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway. Another option is use of MG Road in Gurugram. This can avoid traffic congestion and delays. Additionally, the authorities have also suggested carpooling and the use of public transportation. It will reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Steps Taken by the Authorities:

The authorities have taken several steps to ensure that the repair work is completed as soon as possible. The repair work is being carried out in three phases. Every phase address one issue. The authorities have set up a dedicated control room. This room will monitor the progress of the work and ensure that it is completed as per schedule. Additionally, the authorities have also deployed traffic police personnel. It has been done to manage the traffic flow and ensure smooth commuting for the people.


The closure of NH-48 for 90 days may cause inconvenience to commuters. But while this it’s important to note that the repair work is necessary. This will only ensure the safety of commuters and the smooth functioning of the expressway. Commuters are advised to plan their commute well in advance. Make sure you leave at right time. And use alternative routes to avoid delays and traffic congestion.

The authorities are taking all necessary steps to complete the repair work as soon as possible. The closure of the expressway is a short-term inconvenience. But that will result in long-term benefits for commuters in the region. It is essential for commuters to cooperate with the authorities. Commuters can use alternative routes during the closure.

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