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Delhi HC appoints 7-member committee to streamline availing medical facilities under govt. schemes

The Delhi High Court after taking the note of all the constraints which are faced by the people from the economically weaker backgrounds in order to avail the benefits of the schemes that provides medical facilities has appointed a seven-member committee which will be chaired by the Delhi government’s chief secretary.

A division bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and even Justice Sanjeev Narula in its Septembers 20 order mentioned that the committee now shall give the recommendations for alleviating and all the curing the defects in the current system and even the court said that the process for availing all the medical facilities under the schemes that are provided by the GNCTD and Union of India shall be made more and more accessible.

According to the recent order the two members of this committee shall be nominated by the Union Ministry of Health and Family welfare current secretary and the two of the members shall be really nominated by the Principal Secretary of GNCTD. One of the member shall be nominated by the commissioner of Muncipal corporation of Delhi itself and the other member shall be nominated by the senior office from the National informatics center which will be nominated by the Director general.

The terms of reference of the whole committee includes the ensuring of the maintenance of an information list of all the drugs by the hospitals, implant and even the devices on the website of the departments which are concerned for the same even this may be revised frequently so those seeking the treatment are and should be aware of their availability in the real-time. This may even help the citizens in order to donate drugs/implants/devices as per the needs of each hospital as said by the HC.

The HC has even requested the whole committee to furnish their report with the recommendations for the implementation of the terms of the reference on or before November 16 and the that is the next date of hearing.

This order just came after a plea which was originally filed before a single judge of the HC in the year 2014 by a man who has denied hip and knee replacement surgeries by the ALL Indian institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi due to his instability in finance and to bear this much cost of surgery. Later the hospital even agreed to perform the surgeries and the man was then bought to sought to withdraw his plea.

On July 25 this single judge bench however mentioned that the matter provoked crucial issues about the accessibilities to the quality of the medical care for all the patients from marginalized sections and even decided to reclassify the plea as a PIL which was even later heard by the bench of divisions.

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