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Delhi: Man stabbed on Busy Street

Delhi man

According to a news report in Delhi a man was repeatedly stabbed on a busy street and resulted in death which was over rupees 3000 in South Delhi. There was a video seen in which Yusuf Ali was being stabbed which has become widely circulated on social media.

Yusuf’s father was threatened by one Shahrukh over a financial matter and that was also around 3-4 days back. He borrowed 3000 rupees from Shahrukh and was repeatedly asking for the return of money but Yusuf couldn’t give him back.

The video which went viral was of over 2 minutes and was recorded from across the street which was showing a man stabbing the victim many times outside a shop. As usual, there were many people shown on the streets walking but no one came to help or rescue the victim. As seen in the video the victim repeatedly tried to defend herself and continuously was bleeding while the attacker kept on stabbing him violently. In the later part of the video, it showed the victim lying on the road with blood spattered all around him.

Shahrukh is a resident of K 2 block in Sang-ham Vihar and has been admitted to the hospital recently and the case is registered by the police.

Such incidents are repeatedly being taken place in Delhi, the cases of rape, unnecessarily beating up and killing people. One needs to understand that there are several ways to settle down the situation and causing hurt to others isn’t the solution.

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