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Delhi: Man stabbed to death at Netaji Subhash Place


In the recent news of New Delhi, one person was stabbed to death during a huge scuffle which broke out at a café in the famous place known as Netaji Subhash Place area and this was immediately reported by the news agency ANI and was quoted by police.

According to the Delhi Police one of the people has been apprehended and efforts are being made continuously to find the reaming of the accused people. The deceased was identified as Vinay the one who was stabbed at the café last evening.

The incident took place when the deceased cousin Gaurav stated a major argument with some other people who were present at the café and it happened over a very minor issue.

Shortly the fight and argument escalated, at that time was stabbed in his leg and immediately he was rushed to the hospital where he was later succumbed to his injuries and died.

The Delhi police have been working continuously on this case and are investigating thoroughly. They have taken one of the accused into the custody and they will be arresting the remaining accused one soon.

This incident occurred on Monday and has got viral enough amongst the public which should create awareness and all should be there to help each other in such situations rather than just ignoring it.

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