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Delhi on Alert as Haryana Violence spreads to affluent Gurugram areas:

Delhi ALert

Amidst the situation, Delhi has tightened its security and has even deployed drones to monitor sensitive areas due to the ripples caused by Monday’s communal clash In Haryana’s posh areas of Gurugram.

Incidents took place in a sequence, the day after the communal clash broke in Haryana that was on Monday, a mob one next day set fire to a restaurant and vandalized shanties and shops near a society in Gurugram. After they ransacked the shops of a specific community they shouted ‘Jai Shree Ram’ in front of the mosque. On Tuesday itself, the sale of loose petrol and diesel was also banned to prevent incidents of arson.

Due to this incident, foot patrolling is being done and senior police are having interaction with barricades placed at bordering areas and even strict checking is being performed. Police have even surged all to not believe rumours and not even give credence to reports by social media. They are keeping tabs on the incident in all the neighbouring states as well as another part of the country that may lead to a heavy impact on the National capital. Meetings are being held with peace committees, urging them to maintain peace and even social media monitoring is being done.

Major violence broke out during a religious procession in Nuh (50 km away from Delhi) on Monday, as a mob attacked with stones led to a 2500 + rush towards a temple to take shelter. In the evening the violence escalated – the mosque was torched, hundred vehicles were torched and vandalized as mobs went to rampage in Nuh. These protests led to huge traffic jams in several parts of Delhi.

Protest marches are being conducted by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal against the violence in Haryana and some of the viral videos show Bajrang Dal supporters reciting Hanuman Chalisa.

Deaths of at least 6 police which included 2 police personnel in clashes between Hindus and Muslims that erupted on Monday could be seen. Many others were injured, and when mobs tried to stop a procession of VHP, a naib man was killed somewhere in Gurugram. Following the procession, Haryana Police made 116 arrests and registered around 29 FIR on Tuesday. The police announced ex-gratia of 57 lakhs for the deceased families.

Thus, A special investigation team is being set up to investigate this case of communal violence and strict security is to be maintained.

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