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Delhi woman killed with Iron Rod was prepping for government job:

Delhi women

Delhi cases have been rising in the field of women and rape but still, there is no solution to these problems other than spreading awareness.

Nargis a 23-year-old wanted to become financially independent and thus was preparing rigorously for the government jobs examination but was allegedly killed by a relative as she turned down his marriage proposal. According to the family, the accused Ifran (28-year-old) used to live with the family for around 5-6 years ago but was told to leave them after he started harassing and threatening Nargis. Nargis was allegedly killed with an iron rod by Ifran inside a park in south Delhi.

Her father with two sons and only daughter asked for justice and strict punishment for the accused. Although the accused has been arrested the parents ask for more severe punishment to gain justice for his only daughter.

Her brother reported and said that the proposal with the accused was turned down 6 months ago as his sister didn’t want to marry him. The accused came into their lives 5-6 years ago and was trained to be a mechanic by her father. But by the time he started harassing her, the family sent him back to his native place where he lived for 1-1.5 years and failed to work as his business didn’t show up well. He even couldn’t get into a job for the army and thus returned and started working for a food delivery agency. He knew about Nargis’s coaching classes and he followed her which resulted in death of her on Friday at the park with an iron rod. Police got information around noon and found a woman under the bench with her head bleeding and an iron rod kept aside.

According to the information given by police Nargis and Ifran were in a relationship earlier and there was discussion about marriage but the family finally disapproved of it and the proposal was turned down due to which she stopped talking to him, making him even more agitated to kill her.

Nargis was a very bright student as she did her graduation with Hindi honours and was preparing with extremely hard work for government jobs.

Such cases are at their peak, one needs to understand the importance and respect the decision taken by the partner. Forcing others or threatening is not the solution as it leads to huge family loss and severe death cases affecting the family member and turning it into a mental breakdown for them.

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