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Digital Detox- 5 strategies for balancing screen time and Real-life interaction

Digital detox

There are several times when you need to stop yourself from scrolling through your phone, you are so glued to your smartphone device that you are not able to think anything else but only about life which only revolves around your phone. Though you are not alone as around 61 % of people admit that they are addicted to the internet and digital screen in some or the other way.

This constant connection with digital screens can take down your life and cause severe problems by overloading your senses. Taking a break from numerous social media apps is necessary as being away from the screen can be better for your mental health.

Digital Detox is one such method that helps you intentionally reduce the amount of time you spend online on your devices and you may even opt to disconnect them quickly.

Benefits of Digital Detox:

  1. It makes you feel contented and makes your body calm down.
  2. It makes you more productive as you tend to explore more things when you are away from your phone.
  3. With no comparison through social media, you start feeling better about yourself which helps in gaining self-confidence. 
  4. Being away from smartphones reduces interaction with social media, and screen time but increases your chances to be healthy and have less stress or anxiety.
  5. This increases your sleep pattern and you make a proper schedule of having a fixed timing of sleep.

How does it work?

Here you are meant to set your phone aside for a few hours now and then, explore how much you really need to use it, or even just get yourself disconnected from the internet and all sorts of digital sources.

5 strategies to balance screen time and real-life interaction:

  1. Find out the reason why you are using the phone, and try to figure out that is the reason valid. If it’s boredom then why can’t we just do some creative or something related to our interest and get rid of boredom? 
  2. Always schedule a break from your phone, and keep a time limit to every app you use be It just 10 mins but take a break after you use it for some particular time and Adhere to this schedule. All apps are now had an inbuilt function of having a screen time timer use it in case you can’t self-control.
  3. Keep It away from your sight to have better control over screen time. Especially during meal time, family, and friend time. Try to keep your phone away or in a different room and just find out topics or games you can play with friends or family to distract yourself from your phone and rather develop your interacting skills.
  4. Always disconnect or switch off your phone 1-2 hours before your bedtime as scrolling through your phone for hours at night can disrupt your sleep pattern and cause more health issues. 
  5. Always turn off notifications of apps that are not necessary. It is scientifically proven that people are more tend to use a phone when they have a notification on, as one notification leads to another and the person tends to use the phone for more than usual time because of the temptation to reply to the notification.

Thus, it is necessary to balance your screen time and real-life interaction so that you are not like a dumb kid who doesn’t know about the outer world, the world of peace and interaction. Don’t be the person who is just confined to 4 walls rather be the person who isn’t left with even one door of the world to discover.

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