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Fire broke out in delhi and led to douse of flames with several collapses.


The recent news which came recently is about the fire which led to the blast. According to the official, the fire led to a blast while all the firefighters were trying to douse the flames, where the boundary wall and also the main gate of the factory collapsed that have led to the injury of the five firemen.

According to recent news, there were at least five firefighters were injured in a blast that followed a major fire which broke out at a factory that too in the Bawana industrial area of the Northwestern part of Delhi.

According to all the fire officials, this incident took place around 11 PM and it happened on Wednesday. 30 fire tenders rushed to the spot and it was said according to the officials. They even said that the fire led to a blast while there was a firefighter who was trying to douse and extinguish the flames but there the boundary wall and the main gate of the factory collapsed which included the injuries of around five firemen.

A fire department official said that there are injured firefighters who were taken immediately to Maharshi Balmiki Hospital and they were even discharged after the first aid was done.

According to the reports one fireman suffered from minor injuries, two suffered from back injuries and the other one had a cut in the hand.

Though the factory housed a three-storeyed cosmetic manufacturing unit according to the officials and the cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

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