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French Riviera City-3 Killed in a fire at residential building

French Riviera

Around 3 people died in an extreme fire which was erupted on early Sunday 13th August that too in a residential building in the French Riviera city of Grasse.

Three others were seriously injured and there four had lighter injuries seen they even added to this that the fire has been extinguished immediately.

Aymeric Soufflet from the firefighting services told the AFP that the condition of the victims is always bound to change. Though, the origin of the fire in Grasse’s historic center was unfortunately not immediately clear.

It only affected the top three floors of the building whose façade was partially blackened by the huge flames.

The firefighters were alerted by all the residents at around 3:00 am and at the time of their arrival they found the body of a person who had jumped out in front of the edifice and the other two people or corpses were found inside the edifice.

Martine a woman who lived in an adjoining building and who only seemed to give one name said that an alarm started beeping out loud and then she started hearing cries of many which alarmed her that there is something wrong in the neighbourhood.

She even added that she heard a woman crying out for help and shouting Fire and then she asked her to call out the fire services immediately which she did. She even saw a man from the floor above trying to come down to avoid the flames but he happened to fall and which caused him the death.

These incidents which occurred indeed seemed frightening and scary enough, thus one should take extreme care in such incidents and immediately report to the firefighters.

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