Girls Steal Parking Spot Man Was Waiting For — His Revenge Is Perfect

He decided to exact some retribution when a group of young girls stole the parking spot a dad had apparently waited endlessly to access. Saying it was pure gold is a minimization. You never, ever mess with your seniors for this reason.

(Stock image of an Applebee’s restaurant. (Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr)

When an unidentified dad—we will call Tom—was just trying to take his family out for a nice dinner at their neighborhood Applebee’s when he ran across rude girls, Tom was not the older, easy target the young women had hoped for; we have all come across children with an attitude who try to push the boundaries to see what they can get away with before anyone stops them.

As a matter of fact, they discovered the hard way that disrespecting your elders will probably lead to unexpected results from people far wiser than these millennials. These girls experienced exactly that when they ran across Tom in the Applebee’s parking lot.

(Stock image of a driver cutting off another vehicle that’s waiting for a parking spot. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

“I brought the family Applebee’s for dinner. Tom remembered in a Reddit post that the lot was full and saw a customer come out to leave; he waited for him to leave and occupy the spot. “Guy pulls out, and right next to me, a car loaded with young girls just stops. You are aware of the type. We do all, indeed.

“Well, I rolled down my window and told them I was waiting for that space and the driver says, “too bad, your name wasn’t on it.” Tom said, “I was livid but just waited for another space and went in and ate.” Still, things were far from finished, and these girls would absorb their lesson before the evening was out.

(As Tom and his family enjoyed their meal at Applebee’s, the dad realized the young women who cut him off in the parking lot were getting wasted at the bar. (Photo Credit: Andrew Mager /Flickr)

Tom says the girls “were at the bar doing shots, getting wasted,” as he was enjoying supper with his family. They had no idea, though, that Tom had the ideal chance to hatch a scheme. We paid the waiter and savored our dinner. I then asked the waiter whether he would want to make twenty bucks. Regretfully, for the naive and drunk girls, the waiter was clearly drawn to the fast money.

Tom said, “I asked him to go up to the girls, 10 minutes after we left, and tell them they got a call from someone that said they had keyed their car and that they should have parked somewhere else,” in his post, adding, “I DO NOT KEY THE CAR.” He wanted them to believe that their car was damaged as payback for their disrespect, but he did not actually do so. Still, events did not stop there.

(Tom didn’t really key their car, but he had the waiter tell them that it was vandalized. (Photo Credit: kaboompics/Pixabay)

What then happened? Tom claims he asked the waiter about an hour later to find out how it went. “He said they all went nuts, screaming and sh*t, and even called the police,” Tom said, adding as a bonus that the cops arrived but discovered no damage to the car. The girls were too drunk to drive, though, and police noted this. They thus patiently watched and waited.

“Cops left, circled back, then watched the car. Girls arrive, get in the car, start it, and the parking lot bursts into blue light. Shattered! DUIs and PDs for all, Tom said, referencing “public drunkenness” sources. “Where I am from, the key just has to be in the ignition for a DUI; the car does not even have to be running,” he said.

(Stock Image (Photo Credit: Pexels)

“Cops here only need to find alcohol on the breath to arrest you on that charge; they have great leeway. Tom continued: “I suspect the girls were all ugly to cops, so they got PD.” “Until a week later, when I returned for a few beers, I had no idea about the bonus. Laughing the entire time, the waiter identified me and related the bonus story. Another twenty bucks to the waiter. The best forty I have ever paid.

While some have attacked “ruining” the young girls’ lives with a DUI, at least he didn’t follow Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes. For those unfamiliar with the reference, a group of girls cut Kathy Bates off, hopped out of the car, and informed her they were younger and faster as her character waited for a parking spot. Saying, “Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance,” Kathy’s character plowed into the car of the young girls. classic, but I digress.

(The girls should be thankful he didn’t go Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes on them. (Photo Credit: Screen Captures/YouTube)

As many readers noted, maybe more crucial than the retribution is that this dad unintentionally kept a drunk driver off the road and most likely stopped something horrible from happening. He might have even saved the lives of everyone else unfortunate enough to cross their path, as well as the lives of these daughters. Their least concern was definitely a DUI.

Naturally, some doubt the veracity of the narrative. Although the narrative cannot be verified since names were omitted and it could only be an urban legend, it emphasizes that we should never forget: Karma never fails, and you shouldn’t tamper with elderly people since they are probably far smarter than you! One way that life experience does this is.

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