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Google’s developing AI tools to help journalists report the news:


Google has always been paired with the development of technology and this time also it has announced that they are at the early stage of developing an artificial intelligence tool to help journalists in writing stories and headlines, they have even discussed this idea with the news industry to get on with their views. With AI on one hand for journalism, it has eventually led to human journalist losing their jobs, especially in an industry that is already on the brink of financial loss.

What really this AI could do is help in giving journalists several options for headlines and provide them with different writing styles by enhancing work and productivity. They even mentioned that it’s not yet possible for AI to replace the essential role journalist have in their reporting, creating, and checking articles. That is an extraordinary talent acquired only by journalists which is not intended to be replaced. 

Google has come up with a simpler form of artificial intelligence that uses automation to create stories on routine sports results and also corporate earnings. There are several concerns over this issue like whether the technological companies are fairly using them to compensate their published works to improve their AI systems.

Google came up and said that their main motive to develop AI tools is to give journalists the choice of using these emerging technologies in a way that enhances their work and also productivity just like they have made assistive tools available for people in Gmail and google docs. But this development is likely to create debate over the risks and benefits of AI-powered platforms, especially like ChatGPT which has already stunned users with its ability to mimic human speech. 

The New York Times also reported on Google’s development of the tool, known as Genesis which was said to be pitched to new organizations like ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’. Some media organizations have already begun to use generative AI, news rooms have been slow to embrace the technology amid concerns about plagiarism, accuracy, and even copyright.

Even last week there was a partnership announced by the associated press with Open AI following the ChatGPT creator to use the new organization archives.

Google developing AI tools for journalists is surely a debatable topic because it entirely depends upon each journalist’s perception.

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