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Green living- simple steps to reduce your carbon footprint and embrace sustainability:

green living

What is a Carbon footprint? Due to the production and consumption of goods greenhouse gases are emitted. Carbon footprint is a concept that is used to quantify the impact of climate change, activity, a person, or a country.

Considering the threatening situation, it is necessary to reduce the carbon footprint. With the current population being seven billion and which could reach 9.7 billion by 2050, this growing population drive up emission and ultimately leads to the depletion of resources. There is a direct impact on global warming due to the emission of greenhouse gases leading to drastic climate change. 

To avoid such adverse conditions everyone can make climate-friendly choices in their daily life.

How can one limit and reduce carbon footprint?

  1. Food and beverages: Consumption of local and seasonal products, limiting meat consumption helps in saving animal life, carrying reusable shopping bags and avoiding packaging products with excessive plastic to avoid pollution and limiting the release of poisonous gases which are emitted upon burning plastic and always buy things which you need rather than wasting it. These all things some or the other way help in reducing carbon footprint and leads to sustainability.
  2. Clothing and fashion: Always take good care of clothes so that you don’t need to buy often, try using good quality and reusable clothes. Always buy responsibly made clothes like the ones made from recycled or eco-friendly material. These small things often contribute to embracing sustainability.
  3. Transport: Transport is a daily need and also a major contributor to pollution and lack of sustainability. One should always try to use cycles or public transport to reduce pollution and traffic. Always opt for traveling by train overflight for long tours or holidays. Even if it’s necessary to use a car try having a pool system by taking people with you who have the same destination this saves time and leads to sustainability.
  4. Energy and waste: From childhood, we have always heard about not wasting water especially while brushing and cleaning, saving electricity by not keeping the switch open unnecessarily, and always limiting and recycling waste. One should always opt energy efficient products with an A label.

One should always remember that small changes always bring out a big impact in the future. Making efforts wholeheartedly is what the current need of the environment. Helping it led to sustainable development is your role as a citizen. You will always be the parent of the future world and youth.

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