Meghan McCain Slams Katie Couric, Tells Her To ‘Go To Hell’.

Meghan McCain burst in wrath at Katie Couric’s advice to “go to hell,” following the former “Today” host’s “condescending” comments about many Americans she claimed to be “brainwashed.”

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In comments she made during an interview with Bill Maher, Katie Couric attracted criticism. When Couric unleashed a tirade outlining her support of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment and Twitter ban, it was claimed that her comments came out as “elitist” and “condescending.”

But Couric’s actions directed toward Americans who had voted for Trump truly brought her under fire. “It’s really odd, isn’t it, when you consider how AWOL so many of these [GOP] Congressmen have gotten?” Couric asked Maher. “But I also think some of them bought into this huge lie and are believing the trash their constituents feed them 24/7 on the internet.”

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Then Katie Couric aimed at those who voted for Trump. “And the question is how are we going to practically deprogram these people who have registered for the cult of Trump,” she said. Meghan McCain blasted Couric after hearing enough. “I had sort of assumed that the feeling of unity and coming together would be something that would be happening — that Democrats would be wanting Republicans to come together with them to go forward,” McCain said.

“Instead, we’re hearing a lot of language from people like Katie Couric that Republicans like me need to be, quote, ‘deprogrammed,’ she continued. We are “brainwashed, that is certain. 74 million Americans are essentially irredeemable people we should not be communicating towards or, in any sense, have anything to do with.

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McCain kept objecting to Couric’s comments. She continued, “I think it’s terribly dangerous for the country, and I also think it’s terrible dangerous for Democrats.” “Because you should be concerned about the politics of this if you do not value unity. There is a void right now to capture the four people, the four in 10 Republicans who feel particularly disenfranchised.

McCain declared, “I don’t need to be deprogrammed!” “I simply view how the government ought to be run from another angle.” Media critic William A. Jacobson of Cornell Law School told Fox News that “threats of ‘deprogramming’ Trump supporters have become common among liberal journalists.”

(British journalist Piers Morgan claimed Katie Couric deserves a “ringside seat” in “hell” (Credit: YouTube)

“Katie Couric making such offensive remarks comes as no surprise; she is part of a media complex that purposefully stifled the flow of information negative to Biden in order to influence the election,” Jacobson said. Fox News contributor and Hill columnist Joe Concha made similar observations about a growing trend among media figures who support “deprogramming and silencing 75 million Americans.”

“This kind of rhetoric from Couric, which comes across as so condescending and elitist, emphasizes the difference between our media, which mostly covers New York and Washington, and the rest of the nation, which is moderate to center-right per many polls. And this is the reason the sector is so underused and mistrusted, Concha told Fox News.

Executive editor Tim Graham of NewsBusters also chipped in. “Katie is “retired” from any “objective” news obligations, he said. “She has long been a political biassed person.” Graham pointed out Couric made a similar pitch back in 2009 to then-Republican Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe, she urged to be a “hero” by siding with Democrats in order to pass Obamacare while reciting an odd Christmas-themed poem on CBS Evening News advocating for liberal legislation.

Couric has not only made provocative comments before this one. The journalist revealed back in 2016 that she had subtly altered a focus group of gun rights supporters for her pro-gun control documentary Under the Gun, excluding responses to her question on how felons or terrorists might be stopped from acquiring a gun without background checks. Their responses were replaced with several quiet seconds that showed the group as uninformed of the topic.

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