Husband Leaves Wife After Learning She Will Never Walk.

After being advised she would probably never walk again, a 14-year-old husband leaves wife. What she did in the wake of such terrible news has moved many people to tears.

Riona Kelly (Photo Credit: Facebook)

After suffering a spinal stroke that left her paralyzed from the waist down, 37-year-old Halifax, Yorkshire, mother and wife, Riona Kelly, was hurried to the hospital in March 2015. Doctors told Riona she would never walk again after the crippling stroke. The unfortunate news did not stop there. Rather, Riona said she was even more devastated five days into her hospital stay. Her fourteen-year-old husband leaves wife after deciding their marriage is over. Worse still, the couple had four children: Leighanra, 16; Caleb, 11; Izabela, 9; and Logan, 5, The Sun said. Riona tells a different story, even though her ex claims they split before the terrible stroke hit him, telling her he wanted a divorce the morning before the stroke happened.

“After my husband left me in [the] hospital, my friend, Sarah, became my next of kin, it was her and the children that supported me during my recovery,” Riona recalled. “Looking back I was miserable in my marriage, but we had built a life together and had responsibilities,” she added. “It was the time I needed my husband the most.”

Husband Leaves Wife After Learning She Will Never Walk.
Husband leaves Wife – Riona Kelly and Keith Mason (Photo Credit: Instagram)
Riona Kelly (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Six weeks later, Riona was allegedly still unable to move her legs, which drove her and her medical staff to realize she might never recover. Though it was obviously challenging, especially without her husband at her side, the mother tried to get used to life in a wheelchair.

“[D]octors told me I would never walk again,” Riona recalled. “I’d had a car accident 18 months previous and they said that could have caused problems in my spine,” she explained. “The first time I went out in a wheelchair I thought everyone was looking at me, I hated it and hated myself,” she added. “If someone had given me the choice I would have ended my life, I didn’t want to live anymore.”

Still, the driven mother went through hours of physiotherapy in hopes of recovering function instead of giving up, and she obtained far more than she had expected. Riona met 35-year-old personal trainer Keith Mason, who would be very important in her life as well as in her recovery.

“After suffering a stroke not only did I have to deal with paralysis but I had to deal with losing my partner of 14 years,” Riona remembered. “After our sessions, Keith and I stayed in contact, he would ask me how I was getting on and our relationship blossomed from there.”

Husband leaves wife – Riona Kelly (Photo Credit: Instagram)
Husband leaves wife – Riona Kelly and Keith Mason (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As Keith supported Riona on her road to recovery—battling back from her stroke—she found comfort and love in him. After working through physiotherapy sessions together, the pair quickly collapsed head-over-heels for each other and started a relationship. Following hours of physiotherapy, Riona miraculously walked her first steps on the parallel bar, so enhancing her love story.

“I was dragging my body and I had no feeling in my legs but I didn’t care, I was walking and that’s all that mattered,” Riona explained, recalling her first steps after her stroke. “My consultant was very emotional, he couldn’t believe I had done it with the help of a standing frame,” she added. “Every day I built up my strength and after four months in [the] hospital, I was finally allowed to go home.”

Eleven months into the marriage of the happy couple, Riona had finished two marathons with the aid of her wheelchair and, at last, could walk short distances without aid. She also claimed to be stronger than ever, far above what her doctors would have expected.

Of course, Riona Kelly’s recovery tale featured other heroes besides Keith Mason. The mother clarified that she also found inspiration to get better from her love for her four children.

“It took me 25 minutes to get up 16 steps, and the same time to come back down again, but I was determined to do it for my children,” she said. “I now only need my wheelchair to go long distances but my home hasn’t been adapted so I try not use it,” she said, adding, “I’m now back in the gym, and with Keith’s help I’m getting better and stronger than ever.”

Against the incredulity of her doctors, Riona Kelly turned her life around and made an amazing recovery, regaining her ability to walk once more. Proving things somehow had a way of working out. Reflecting on what she went through, Riona said she now sees the stroke as “the best thing to ever happen” to her and that she at last feels as though she is living the life she is due. Reminding us all that life can be good once again, even after what seems to be rock bottom, I would classify that as a happy ending.

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