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Inder Puri: Dead body of A Boy found in a bed box; Was Strangled to Death

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Inder Puri: A Boy Strangled to Death

According to the recent reports released on Thursday 10th August, an 11-year-old boy’s dead body was found in a bed box at a house in West Delhi’s Inder Puri area. There have been CCTV footage seen according to which a woman who has been seen leaving the house on security camera footage is now accused of strangling the boy to death and dumping the body into the bed box.

Mother Neelu told the police that she found her flat locked from the outside at the time when she reached home from the office on Thursday evening. She assumed that his son Divyansh would have gone somewhere but she got worried when his dance teacher called her up to inform her that he didn’t make it to his regular dance class.

While Neelu was inside the home searching for him she found that bedsheets and mattress were not arranged and there she found her son’s body in the storage box of the bed. 

The police were informed by the hospital that the preliminary medical examination suggested that the boy died due to excessive strangling. 

According to the data, Neelu and her husband have been long away from each other for some time and this benefit was taken up by the suspected.

The suspect has been identified as Pooja who was known to the boy’s parents. She went to the boy’s home when Neelu wasn’t at home and after some while was seen returning from there. 

Thus, A murder case has been registered at Inder puri Police station and the body has been sent to RML hospital for Post-mortem.

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