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India Outrages after women paraded naked in violence-hit Manipur

Indian outrages

An outbreaking incident happened on 4th May a day after deadly riots broke out between the Meitei and kuki -zo tribe. A 26-second video went viral showing the group of men, some appearing to be as young as 15 – groping and sexually attacking the women belonging to the ethnic Kuki-Zo Tribe and even escorting them towards an empty field.

One woman aged 21 was gang raped and the other woman was 42 this was informed by the survivors who lodged the FIR. The Meitei’s constituted more than half of Manipur’s population, mainly living in the capital Imphal and the Kuki-Zo and Naga tribes live in the surrounding hill districts. At least 130 people have been killed and more than 50,000 displaced since clashes between the two communities broke out over the proposal to extend reservation in government jobs and also educate all the Meitei.

Due to an internet ban in Manipur, the video went viral after two months – a move that has been widely criticized by rights activists in India. Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ broke his two months of silence and said that this incident had filled his heart with grief and anger as he felt that the civil society should be ashamed of it. The supreme court was deeply disturbed by the viral video and asked the state and even the federal government to inform the top court as in a constitutional government it is unacceptable. On Thursday police even arrested a 32-year-old Meitei Man as one of the suspects behind the assault on the two women. As the investigation is underway and strict action will be taken against all the perpetrators including the need for possible punishment.

The family of the sexual assault survivor even said that her husband was killed and they even pleaded for the rescue to the police, then her 21-year daughter was surrounded by the mob and sexually assaulted, and when his brother tried to rescue her, he was killed and said that the police couldn’t help her still. She asked for justice which she feels no longer exists as the police have been negligent about this whole case and have not helped the family even a little.

Rape and sexual assault case has always been increasing in every state of India but when police are negligent the case becomes more severe. Those families whose son is just roaming out on the street to assault someone should feel ashamed enough and think about the daughter’s family.

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