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ISRO Releases Freshly Captured images of the moon


According to the recent news ISRO released close-up images of the moon which were prominently captured by the Vikram Lander Module recently on August 15 and 17.
As of August 17, the lander had successfully separated from the propulsion module of the spacecraft which is indeed interesting.

The lander along with the rover Pragyan is now at the final trek of the Moon and the touchdown is expected on August 23.

All the stunning images of the close-up of the moon were captured by the Lander position detection camera according to ISRO.

Indian Space research organization is all set to make history as it is looking forward to attempting a successful soft landing on the moon on August 23 under its Chandrayan-3 mission.

The Indian space agency on Friday, August 18 released new stunning images of the moon which was captured by the Vikram Lander. It also shared a video which was filmed just after the separation of the lander and the propulsion module.

Lastly, ISRO chairperson S Somanath said that the next biggest challenge coming for them would be to change the direction of the lander and he even mentioned that the initial velocity during the landing process is approximately 1.68 km per second but this speed runs almost parallel to the moon’s surface.

The Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft is now titled almost at a 90-degree angle and needs to transition to a vertical position. Even the ISRO chief referred to this manoeuvre as the most important step in the landing attempt.

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