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Let’s get into some parenting hacks

Parenting hacks

Parenting has always been one of the most necessary tasks in married life. Each day there is some other task coming up for parents that is necessary to bring their child and make them develop. What if you’re a working parent getting less time at home? Is he/she capable of standing on their own feet and is independent enough to work out things without calling out Mom or Dad?

Here are some fascinating parenting hacks to save your time and work for the better of your child:

  1. Distributing Task: When you are a family of 3 or more it’s better to distribute all household tasks so that pressure reduces and all work is completed in less time with efficiency. With this method, kids learn how to do household chores and acquire the learning of helping each and everyone, especially in busy times.
  2. Plan for the Meals: It’s always time-consuming work to make meals of the day at a particular moment leading to irritation among the family. Every weekend whole family should plan the daily meal by discussing what they like and when they would be comfortable with the food.
  3. Leave breakfast for the end – Let the kid do chores like brushing, bath, dressing up for school, and packing bags. While going to work or just before they go to the bus, get them breakfast as they can carry on their way.
  4. Stick to your timetable -You must go with your timetable, and have all your chores fixed before leaving for work and after. Always stick to your timetable as it’ll help you keep everything organized.
  5. Keep Essentials on hand- Always keep all the essential items ready and stocked up beforehand so that it is always available at the time of need. Having a small stockpile can help save time and reduce stress.
  6. Practicing self-care- What is the point of being a good parent if you are not able to take care of yourself? Every day you have to take out at least 15 mins for yourself and read a book or go for a walk to calm yourself. Do your therapy session as when you take care of yourself you have more energy and patience to handle the challenges of parenting.
  7. Use technology to ease down work- Technology can be of great help, like having apps like Cozi to manage a family task, a to-do list, or Alexa to help you set reminders and do work related to amusement for children. This can keep everything up to date and also entertain children.
  8. Keep a sense of humor – Parenting can be difficult at most times especially when you are having a busy and stressful day at work, but it’s important to keep a sense of humor as laughing at the absurdity of everyday life can help diffuse tension and help make the challenges feel more manageable.
  9. Get Rewards- Children are always happy to work when they get rewards like a small gift or chocolates. Give them some once they complete a task, it motivates them to complete their chores efficiently.
  10. Have Family Time- Parenting is incomplete without spending time as a whole family. Being working parents, children always look for one time in a day when a family sits together, play games, share secrets, speak of their whole day and just vibe together. One needs to spend quality time as a whole family. That’s what is called true parenting. 

Being a busy and working parent is surely not easy but by using these hacks you can surely make your life a little bit more manageable. Delegating tasks, using technology, doing self-care, and giving time to your family can reduce your stress and more importantly make you focus on everything. Always remember nothing is easy, just take a deep breath, and enjoy your parenting journey even when it’s driving you crazy!

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