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Lok Sabha Speaker refers complaints on Danish Ali-Ramesh Bidhuri matter to Privileges Committee

Bidhuri’s use of anti-Muslim slurs against BSP’s Danish Ali to the Privileges Committee

In a recent development in the Lok Sabha, Speaker Om Birla has taken action regarding the complaints surrounding the use of objectionable language by BJP member Ramesh Bidhuri against BSP’s Danish Ali. Sources have confirmed that these complaints have been forwarded to the Privileges Committee for further investigation.

The controversy emerged when Ramesh Bidhuri’s choice of words during a parliamentary session drew strong objections from several Members of Parliament, including Danish Ali, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury of the Congress, and DMK’s Kanimozhi. They demanded swift action against Bidhuri for his offensive language.

However, in a twist to the controversy, several BJP parliamentarians, led by Nishikant Dubey, argued that Danish Ali had played a role in provoking Ramesh Bidhuri with his remarks during the session. They urged Speaker Om Birla to consider this aspect as well, adding a layer of complexity to the issue.

According to sources, the Speaker, in response to the conflicting complaints and arguments, has decided to refer the matter to the Privileges Committee. This committee, headed by BJP MP Sunil Kumar Singh, is tasked with examining the alleged breach of privileges and other related matters concerning Members of Parliament.

Nishikant Dubey, taking to social media, expressed his gratitude to the Speaker for involving the Privileges Committee in this matter. He pointed out that the ability to take such action was facilitated by the BJP’s majority in the Lok Sabha.

Dubey cited previous incidents where similar controversies had arisen but no committees were formed to investigate, and no punitive actions were taken. This move signals a commitment to transparency and accountability in the Indian parliamentary system, where members are expected to uphold decorum and maintain respectful discourse.

In conclusion, the decision to refer the issue to the Privileges Committee demonstrates the Lok Sabha’s commitment to addressing contentious matters involving its members impartially. It remains to be seen what actions, if any, will be taken following the committee’s investigation, but this move underscores the importance of maintaining civility and decorum in parliamentary proceedings.

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