Man Offers ‘Correction’ For Female Golfer’s Swing — Regrets It.

A man chose to provide a “correction” as a woman was honing her golf swing at the driving range. He was rapidly made to regret his intrusion, learning the hard way that occasionally it’s better to mind your own business rather than offer unwanted assistance—and it was all captured on camera.

(Georgia Ball posted a video from the golf range that would quickly go viral. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Georgia Ball uploaded footage of a man trying to correct her golf swing online, and it soon went viral. Georgia starts the clip swinging at a driving range while she records herself. Then we hear a man’s voice saying, “Excuse me,” interrupting Georgia’s golf practice with some unjustified and unwelcome advice to the woman.

Following his “excusing” his intrusion, the man started a golf lesson and told Georgia, “What you’re doing there, you shouldn’t be doing.” He keeps on, advising the female golfer on how she should be swinging using the correct technique. “Your should be right through—swing and follow through—not—you’re doing too slow on the way up and then back.”

(Georgia Ball was practicing her swing when a man approached her at the range to offer some “correction.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The female golfer gently told the stranger she was working on a swing change after his long-winded attempt to explain that he thought Georgia was too slow with her swing. Sadly, the man ignored the hint and interrupted Georgia once more to explain his rationale for knowing best. Declaring that he had been playing golf for more than twenty years, the unidentified man proceeded with his unwelcome instruction on Georgia to work on her follow-through.

The woman indicated at no point that she wanted or needed his advice, and this is most likely for good reason—the man was about to find out? She reiterated that she was experiencing a swing change, and then the man insisted Georgia follow his advice to get the intended outcome. Georgia smashed a golf ball, sending it flying with a perfect swing, apparently trying to lighten the craziness playing out. Ironically, the man sought credit, asking, “See how much better that was?” Still, there was just one issue.

Professional golfer Georgia Ball developed a cult following on the internet. She shares both advice and techniques as well as her golfing successes, accumulating millions of likes on TikHub and hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. More importantly, she runs a profitable golf coaching company.

Given that the unidentified fellow who tried to impart knowledge was the one who recently got schooled, I believe it is reasonable to assume he is not a pro. He knows the footage shows him, even though the rest of the world did not see his face; given the viral nature of the video, he most certainly feels quite ashamed of his behavior—or at least should be.

(As the man tried to correct her, Georgia Ball politely tried to explain that she was working on a swing change. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Georgia clearly knew what she was doing, even though she chose the high road instead of immediately correcting this man. She made it plain with her amazing swing, but the man tried to take credit instead of noticing the warning signals right in front of his face. The man simply refused to listen, even as Georgia gently explained for the second time that she was undergoing a swing change and that all the best players in the world often go slower when they are modifying their swing.

Rather, the man underlined that he had been playing golf for more than twenty years and claimed responsibility for Georgia’s second swing. See how much better that one was, then? Keep going in any case, Georgia advised. The pro golfer just laughed instead of embarrassing the man and forcing him to eat his words; she has saintly patience. But when Georgia uploaded the video online, where it soon went viral as people expressed their indignation over his audacity, that is exactly what happened.

(Georgia Ball remained calm as the man continued to offer her unsolicited advice, not knowing she was a pro golfer and successful golf coach. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Saying it was a textbook example, many called the man’s actions “mansplaining.” Others joined in to say his behavior was “embarrassing,” “awkward,” and another said the man was acting strangely since his “ego” was damaged, the NY Post said. Still another related to Georgia, writing, “So glad you posted this since my biggest annoyance is related to driving range. Men, sadly, always want to coach me or comment on my swing. Men, take note: Please do not.

Although it would be commendable if a stranger would want to assist another golfer, the issue here is that this man simply wouldn’t give up, even if anyone with eyeballs could see this woman had things under control. You have no idea that she is a professional golfer to draw the conclusion that she was acting sensibly. More importantly, his “polite advice” turned into a nasty interruption when he insisted on cutting her off as she was gently trying to save him from more embarrassing himself. I would be safe to say he learned the hard way and regretted his intrusion, as the footage is still being shared. He reminds other guys now of what not to do.

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