Man Urinates On Memorial For Cop’s Son, Tries To Excuse His Actions.

A man urinates on the memorial for a retired police officer’s 9-year-old son, who had died of brain cancer, was captured on camera smiling. But once his identity became public for everyone to view, the man had just one comment to justify his actions.

Man Urinates On Memorial For Cop’s Son, Tries To Excuse His Actions.
After man urinates on the memorial of a cop’s 9-year-old son, who died of cancer, Bryan Bellace had a disturbing excuse. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Retired police officer Mark Clopp found what he saw shocking as he was browsing social media. Mark watched as a bearded man stood up to honor his dead little boy in a video that has since gone viral, unzipped his jeans. The man urinates straight onto the honorary plaque.

Just nine years old when he passed away from aggressive brain cancer, Christian Clopp left a brief but significant legacy for his Hamilton, New Jersey, community. In his honor, a modest memorial was built, highlighting the child’s brilliant perspective despite his unthinkable battle. Sadly, not everyone felt the dead child deserved such honors.

Bryan Bellace, man urinates at the memorial of 9-year-old Christian Clopp, who died from an inoperable brain tumor. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

WSET claims that while his friend, 23-year-old Daniel Flippen, laughed and videotaped the event, Bryan Bellace, 23, smiled as he defiled Christian’s memorial. Although both men were arrested and charged, Bellace’s startling justification has most angered people.

When asked why he would do such a thing, Bellace said, according to CBS3, he was drunk and did not particularly remember the occurrence. He says he drank beer all day and that his drunken state preceded the incident. Bellace was accused of disorderly behavior, criminal mischief, and vulgarity; Flippen was accused of having an open alcohol container in the public park, near the memorial.

“I really don’t remember doing it, I just remember waking up to the video,” Bellace said.

Bryan Bellace agreed to see Mark Clopp after seeing the national indignation his actions generated. Bellace apologised to Mark in an awkward confrontation for desecrating his son’s memorial, only to get an unanticipated reaction from the bereaved father.

“I’m very deeply sorry about what I’ve done and if I could take it all back and do it all over again, I would,” Bellace said.

Mark forgave Bellace instead of exacting his wrath on him. Given Bellace’s loving and caring nature, he said that Christian would have wanted forgiveness from Bellace.

“Throughout all of it, all he did was smile at people. He was the happiest kid and never complained a day in his life,” Mark Clopp said. “Being angry is never going to heal anyone, it’s never going to fix it. The most intelligent thing to do is to put it behind us. Let’s move on and turn it into something positive.”

Mark Clopp (left) chose to forgive Bryan Bellace because that’s what Christian Clopp (right) would want. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Since then, community members have banded together to maintain the memorial. Christian’s positivity personally affected many of the people who offered to clean the plaque. Mark has decided, quite remarkably, to see the incident as a positive event.

“At the end of the day, the good outweighed and overwhelmed the bad,” Mark wrote on Facebook. “This is what Christian did during his life. He brought people together and he has accomplished that again. Perhaps the playground will be beautified, maybe expanded as a result. It doesn’t matter, as long as it is enjoyed by thousands of children in the future.”

Of course, Mark said, forgiveness wasn’t always on the agenda. He actually called the men “narcissistic, drunk scumbags,” who had “no regard for anyone or anything,” prior to their identification. Then he remembered the legacy of his son.

Christian Clopp’s legacy lives on as the community came together to clean up the memorial and beautify the park. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

” Regarding the two performers: I know neither of you,” Mark said. “I hope this wakes you up and you get the help you need; I have no idea what in your life would cause you to be so apathetic to how others feel. In defense of my son’s honor and the suffering you caused my family, my first reaction was to find you and beat you senseless. I am superior to that.

Bellace says he is eager to turn his life around and will seek professional help for his alcoholism; he links this to the incident. He says he didn’t know the degree of his drinking issue until he watched himself on camera.

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