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Manipur relief camps in pathetic condition:


According to the recent Manipur news opposition MPs from India submitted a memorandum to the government governor on their observations after visiting Manipur the violence hit the state.

One of the delegates of opposition in the memorandum claimed that the condition of Manipur relief camps is pathetic and extreme special care needs to be taken for the children staying on the priority.

This failure of both central and state governments to protect the lives and properties of two communities can be seen in 140 death, 500+ injuries, the burning of more than 5000 houses and around 60,000 people could be seen with internal displacement. These reports on incessant firing and arson of houses in the past days are enough to convey the point that the state machinery completely failed to control the situation in the last 3 months.

The violence in Manipur broke out on 3rd May after a tribal solidarity march was seen in the hill district to protest against the Meitei community who demanded Scheduled tribe status which led to the killing of over 160 people and injuring hundreds.

21 MPs of the opposition delegation arrived on Saturday to assess the situation and meet the victims of these 3 months of riots in the state and they visited several relief camps. According to the assessment they made they declared that if this ethnic conflict is not solved soon then it may create security problems in the country. The governor expressed sorrow over the incidents of such violence and suggested visiting the state and talking to people to remove the mistrust among the communities.

On the other hand, sharing a memorandum on Twitter the congress leader mentioned that the anger, anxiety, sorrow anguish and pain of the Manipur people seem to have no effect or make no difference to the PM as he is busy listening to his voice and conducting ‘Mann ki Baat on crores of India the 21 MP delegation team of India is concerned for the Manipur relief camp condition.

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