Mother Elephant Gets Revenge After Crocodile Dared To Prey On Her Calf.

When a crocodile started scuttling around an elephant calf, it probably believed it had found an easy meal. Sadly for the raptor, the much larger mother of the young elephant was on high alert and ready to teach the croc a bitter lesson for daring to prey on her young. We were lucky that it was all captured on camera.

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Hans Henrik Haahr, a tourist from Århus, Denmark, had a truly unforgettable experience while exploring Zambia in East Africa. He recorded a remarkable scene on video. During a safari with a group from the Baines River Camp in the Lower Zambezi Valley, Hans had the chance to witness an extraordinary sight. He observed a female elephant gracefully navigating through the shallow waters of the Zambezi River. In addition, the elephant spotted a crocodile.

According to Daily Mail, the elephant’s calf was being stalked by the apex predator while it was on the river’s bank. Luckily, the mother elephant was quick to react and intervene. In the astonishing video, an African elephant is seen involved in an intense confrontation with a crocodile that had set its sights on her calf.

(Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As the intense confrontation between the two formidable creatures played out before the safari party, adrenaline surely surged through the onlookers as they pondered the outcome of the clash. It became clear right away that the crocodile was in for some bad luck when the mother elephant swiftly stomped on the reptile that had been lurking too close to the water’s edge near her child.

Despite its seemingly impressive size, the crocodile was no match for the sheer weight of the adult, female African elephant. SeaWorld has revealed the weight of these elephants, which can vary from 6,000 to 8,000 pounds. The mother’s strong resolve was clear in the gripping video, as she triumphed over the crocodile. She expertly maneuvered its motionless body effortlessly, utilizing her mouth and trunk to persistently pummel it.

“Guests witnessed this dramatic sighting unfold between two of Africa’s most feared mega-fauna,” a spokesperson for the Bains River Camp, which led the safari, said on its Facebook page while posting the video. Maybe this was a reaction to past ambush attempts by several crocodiles on her young or the larger group. Whatever it was, this cow was here with one intention only.”

Hans Henrik Haahr, a Danish tourist, captured the amazing footage and described the encounter as unexpected. The action-packed video showed the African elephant using its enormous strength to hold back the crocodile, which was fighting back and thrashing around beneath the water’s surface.

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In a breathtaking display of strength, the elephant used her massive size to overwhelm the predator and submerge it under the water. The elephant’s immense strength crushed the reptile, and it easily plucked the crocodile out of the water by grabbing hold of its tail. At this point, the crocodile has ceased struggling, suggesting that it was either already dead or mortally wounded by this stage.

The safari company emphasized that the footage showcases the harsh realities of life in the bush, which can be challenging to witness. It also highlights the reasons behind the African elephant’s reputation as one of Africa’s most dangerous creatures, alongside the crocodile. After observing this video, it becomes clear why adult elephants in good health do not have any natural predators. On the other hand, human beings are the only threat to the elephant, as they hunt them rather than being natural predators. When someone can step on an eight-foot-plus crocodile and take it out with just one foot, then the strongest predators are going to be ineffective.

(Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Lastly, this serves as a prime example of the lengths mothers will go to protect their children from danger, regardless of their species. Regardless of one’s opinion on whether a male lion or a male elephant holds the title of “King of the Jungle,” it is undeniable that a mother protecting her young is the true “Queen.” Indeed, there is a clear explanation for the widespread popularity of the term “mama bear.” According to a popular saying, there is no place more perilous than the space between a mother and her child. This crocodile learned a tough lesson.

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