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Muharram procession: Clash break out in Delhi’s Nangloi

Muhurram procession

There was chaos seen in Delhi’s Nangloi on Saturday 29th July, during the Muharram procession after the group led by one of the organizers of the Moharram was denied permission to diverge or deviate from the allotted route of the procession.

The situation was elevated, leading to several clashes with police which resulted in nearly a dozen police officers getting injured on the duty line itself. Several police vehicles and public transport were damaged in the Mayhem. The video recorded showed the crowd throwing stones and purposely causing damage to all the vehicles present there. Soon police resorted to a lathi charge to disperse the crowd and control the situation smoothly.

In this incident around 10 people were injured due to the violence that broke out.

According to Harendra Kumar, the Deputy Commissioner of Police around 10-15K people were seen carrying out a procession and out of that some turned unruly. They tried to deviate from the routes given by traffic police and when they tried to stop them from doing so, they started stone pelting making several police officers injured and police vehicles vandalized on which the police resorted to Lathi’s charge.

According to the current scenario the group has been already dispersed and no arrests have been made yet thus the investigation is underway. Amid all the preparation made for the Moharram procession, the Delhi police issued a traffic advisory aimed to regulate traffic flow mainly in central and New Delhi areas. This advisory came into effect from Friday night until Saturday morning. There were around 32 stretches covered, they diverted vehicles from 16 points in central, New Delhi and South Delhi to have a smooth movement of the Tazia procession.

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